Pick-Up/Drop-Off Days!


Today ONLY!

REMINDER: Some of our staff will be at the school again today to collect completed packets, hand out new packets, and send home personal items such as water bottles, earthquake kits, and other things that were left behind by the students.

  • This will be done TODAY from 12 pm - 4 pm. This is likely the last day for pick up and drop off for at least a couple of weeks (depending on the governor's orders).

  • If you don't have packets, are not in Pre-K or K, and/or do not need personal items returned, you do not need to come to the school.

  • The staff will wear gloves and masks and we will have parents PULL THROUGH and REMAIN IN THE CAR while we hand out items and collect items. We encourage parents to wear masks, as well. Families will not be allowed in the building. We would love to see the kids, but remember that they MUST remain in the car and we will be required to practice social distancing,to the best of our ability, so obviously no hugs or even fist bumps. :(

  • Pre-K families will pull through in front of the building (as they normally do for drop-off and pick-up) and K-8 will be done in the back of the building (where they normally do drop-off and pick-up).

  • Staff present will be Ms. Nina, Ms. Nilsa, Ms. Hazel, Ms. Cristina, Ms. Sarah, and Ms. Dempsey

  • These will not be the only days for drop-off/pick-up since we will need to do packets again by mid-May and Ipads/laptops will need to be returned in June.

  • Don't forget to turn in your packets so the teachers can grade them!

Friday Drop Off/Pick Up Day...Social Distancing and Masks!