Romeo & Juliet: Act 1 Scene 3

Libby Stone


In this scene, we see Juliet's relationships with both her Nurse and her own mother (Lady Capulet). She is closer with the Nurse who can remember everything about the day she was born, while Lady Capulet can't remember how old Juliet is. The Nurse shares some of Juliet's old baby stories, and Lady Capulet wants to talk to Juliet to see if she will marry Paris. The Nurse tells Juliet to marry Paris out of love, while Lady Capulet only sees it as a social status for Juliet and lots of money for her as well. We learned that Juliet is no where near as close to her mother as she is with her Nurse.



Twenty One Pilots - House of Gold (Lyrics On Screen)

Song Description

The song I chose was House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots. The son is asked by his mother to take care of her, and he says that he will take care of her and give her all these things like being "the queen of everything you see". Juliet does the same thing. She does things for her parents (like talk to Paris) to please her parents because of her relationship and love for them.