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We’re passionate about strategic alliances and joint ventures (JV). We believe in working smarter, not harder.

JV Hero connects businesses seeking strategic alliances and joint ventures for win-win business partnerships. In addition, we also offer tips and tricks on strategic alliances and joint ventures (JVs), mentor information and strategic marketing information and consulting.

Our vision is to be a thriving marketplace where business owners can see all opportunities open to their business to dramatically increase their revenue with the click of a button.

It is well known that strategic alliances and joint ventures (JV) are the most effective way to grow your business. Savvy business people, including billionaires Richard Branson and Donald Trump, have long profited from strategic alliances and joint ventures. Brad Sugar’s recommends joint ventures to all of his personal clients (we know – we got to chat to him about it!). But if you don’t have a budget or network like Richard Branson to take advantage of joint ventures, that’s where JV Hero can help.

JV Hero connects businesses that are looking to form strategic alliances and joint ventures (JV), saving the owner’s the time and expense of finding alliances on their own. Previously finding these partnerships have taken countless hours of cold calling, but not anymore.

If you’re looking for additional revenue streams for your business, to monetize your community, or to increase you sales, JV Hero can help.

You can rest assured that businesses owners who post strategic alliances listings on JV Hero, are actively looking to create alliances with other complimentary businesses to leverage each other’s database for marketing purposes. That means no more cold calling! So search our listings now to see which business wants to partner with yours immediately.

To find a strategic alliance that best suits your business, search our current alliance listings for businesses that are already looking for a partnership. Or if you prefer, post an alliance listing of your own, and let other potential business partners come to you.

In ever-increasing numbers, both small and large companies that are serious about doubling or tripling their profits are forming strategic alliances to move their businesses forward. Jump on board, join us today!

If you would like further assistance in business strategy development, strategic planning, marketing strategies and strategic analysis of your business, we can help with that too! Simply send us an email through the Contact us page outlining your requirements and we’ll be in touch, for a free consultation.

What is a strategic alliance / joint venture (JV)?

A strategic alliance / joint venture (JV) is an arrangement, based on anything from a handshake to a legally binding contract, between two companies/businesses to combine resources in order to achieve a strategic goal (typically, each gaining additional business).

A brief history of strategic alliances

A famous example of a strategic alliance is the pairing of a US bookstore chain with a coffee chain. In 1993, Barnes & Noble, figuring the educated, middle-class consumers who sat around cafes drinking macchiatos were the same people who bought books, came up with the then-revolutionary idea of having Starbucks provide in-house coffee shops in their outlets.
End result: Barnes & Noble sold a lot more books and Starbucks shifted far more coffee. Two decades later, no self-respecting bookstore is without an in-house cafe, and Starbucks has gone on to form a range of other strategic alliances with companies such as PepsiCo and United Airlines, allowing them to shift a huge amount of products in channels far removed from their network of coffeehouses.
If anything, strategic alliances work even better for small enterprises than big ones. Small business owners with limited resources and even more limited marketing budgets stand to benefit enormously from sharing expertise, assets, expenses and risk in a way that does not involve taking on debt or diluting equity.

find jv partner