January 2018

San Onofre School News- Principal Mrs. Lillian Perez

Welcome Back to San Onofre School! We Missed You!!

Dear Parents,

As we return to the school, we would like to remind you of some very important Safety Requests. Students should not arrive at San Onofre School before 7:30 am. During the arrival and dismissal of our students, we ask parents to:

1- Car Riders- Wait patiently in the car line and adhere to the 1-3 mph school speed.

2- Walkers- Parents who are walking to school are to wait on the south side lawn and leave the lawn in front of the office for our students/staff only.

3- Early Pick-up- Please try to make prior arrangements. We can't guarantee that we can get a message to students when we have several parents arriving a few minutes prior to dismissal to check their child out.

Sick Students:

In December we had several students arrive at school with a fever or severe cold/cough. We cannot send students to after-school programs when they are ill and we cannot have students in class when they are ill. Please help us keep our students health by keeping them home when they are running a fever. County Health Department recommends students staying home and resting 24 hours after a fever.

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Instructional Focus at San Onofre School

As we get ready to send out our mid-trimester progress reports, we are also continuing to enhance our test-taking skills for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Planning, CAASPP. Students in grades 3-6 will be taking the CAASPP this spring.

Parents you can go to the CAASPP website at http://www.caaspp.org/ to have your child take a practice test. The new State Testing format is different in format and 100% online. So, we are giving our children as much exposure as possible.

When you go to the CAASPP Website, you will click on the "Practice and Training Tests" button. You can then access the practice tests as a "Guest." You would be amazed at the rigor of this assessment!!

Along with preparing our students for State Tests, we continue to integrate the 4 Cs, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. To be successful in the 21st century workforce students must be equipped with this skill set!!

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2017 Leader in Me Lighthouse School of Academic Distinction.

San Onofre School community earned recognition as a 2017 Leader in Me Lighthouse School of Academic Distinction We will serve as an exemplar school for Leader in Me Schools throughout the world.

The new Lighthouse School of Academic Distinction recognizes Leader in Me Schools that have both met the rigorous requirements necessary to achieve and maintain Lighthouse School Certification and shown exemplary academic growth or proficiency as measured by state accountability standards.

San Onofre School will be moving forward to renew their Lighthouse Certification this year. Along with academic excellence, and the 4 Cs, we believe that each child should have the leadership skills necessary to become a successful global citizen.

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PTA "Sock Hop" January 19, 2018

Save the date for our annual Family Dance, can't wait for the "Sock Hop" on January 19, 2018, more information to come soon!!