March 29, 2013 (Vol. 12)


  • Solana Highlands Staff - for all of the teacher auction items that you generously donated to the Spring Event! Your contributions mean so much. Thank you to Johanna, Jen, Lauren, Debbie K., Kamud, Donna, Ellen, Debbie O., Lisa Salley, Tracy, Marie, Felicity, and Julie for also attending the Viva Solana Highlands Event!
  • Debbie K. - Thank you for hosting Mary's Farewell party!
  • Lisa Salley, Christine, and Lauren - for assisting during our Amazing Space Science Night on Thursday evening! You're help was greatly appreciated!
  • Jillian Lefkowitz - Congratulations on becoming our new aide at Highlands; you'll do amazing work with our students.
  • K-2 Teachers - for all of your great teaching of math and your attendance at the PD and Evening Common Core Trainings: Debra, Donna, Julie, Kamud, Kristie, Lindsay, Lisa Sturt, Tarri, Johanna, Christine, Debbie K., Jessica, Katy, Lisa Salley, Tracy, Heidi
  • Hollis - For arranging all of the lunch with the principal students this week (51 students)


  • Happy Birthday: Tracy Saunders (3-28) and Karen Frischwasser (3-29)
  • Amphitheater - Please remember to walk students quietly in and out of amphitheater and also quietly up and down stairs.
  • Staff Meeting - Wednesday
  • Have a great weekend!


New Recommended Literature List

The Recommended Literature: Pre-Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve list is a searchable database of books for children and teens designed to help students, teachers, and families find books that entertain, inform, and explore new ideas and experiences. The list has been updated to support student attainment of the CCSS for ELA and Literacy. More information about this resource is available in the State Schools Chief News Release for March 18, 2013.

Quote of the Week: The Importance of Formative Assessments

"The more you teach without finding out who understands the information and who doesn't, the greater the likliehood that only already-proficient students will succeed." Grant Wiggins