Medieval & Gothic Art Hystory

By Angel Martin, E.P Reese, and Bradley witherspoon

Main Ideal

Dates: 1100s-1400s

Key people and locations: Chartres cathedral, Hieronymus Bosch, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis

Gothic art had 7 key features

Example: unicorn in captivity
-Tall designs
- the flying buttress
-Pointed arches
-vaulted ceilings
- light and airy interior
- gargoyles
- emphasis on decorative designs
Medieval Art
Madonna and Child in Majesty
- Religious subject matter
- Important figures are shown as larger than others around them
- Figures look stiff with little sense of movement
- Fully clothed
- Faces were serious and showed little emotion.
- Flat and two-dimensional
- Backgrounds were one color.

Main people and locations

Duccio di Buoninsegns
Simone Martini

Main locations of medieval art was in Europe, Middle east, North Africa

Examples of art from Mediveal and Gothic periods


Art in this time period was very beautiful though most of it was buildings especially cathedrals.
Art was varied from paintings to building
Duccio tends to use architecture as space rather than a plain backdrop