Friday Review

Friday, September 8, 2017

What's New?

  • Athletic duty sign ups were emailed by Mr. Dunham on Wednesday. If you do not sign up for duty by September 17, you will be automatically signed up. Thank you for your help during athletic events!
  • Our PBIS TLC Kick Off was a huge success today! The fruity drink station with Nerds was a hit! Under the direction of Dorainer Davis, we will have a cool station at each TLC for kids to enjoy with tickets. Please send any station ideas to her. Remember... student can only participate in these stations if they EARN TICKETS! Distribute tickets to kids who R.O.A.R. to make TLC more enticing and to promote positive behavior.
  • Dress code baggies for your classroom have been distributed. These are for students who are obeying the dress code with sagging pants or holes in jeans. This should prevent students from having to come to the office for these items. We need to keep students in the classroom as much as possible to protect instructional time.
  • Support personnel - please be mindful of when you can schedule meetings. Teachers should not be pulled during designated times (See previous email from Mrs. Lewis).
  • Congregating in the hallway or in the cafeteria line during duty should be avoided. Spend duty time greeting students, getting to know student names and monitoring behaviors.
  • ALL staff must contact Mrs. Lewis before putting an absence in AESOP (if a sub is required) or KRONOS if you do not need a sub.
  • Please do not move students permanently from class to class without seeing Mrs. Lewis. You may do a trial move, but after a few weeks, the student move be moved in Power School. Please see Ms. Lynette for the transfer form that must contain principal signature.
  • Staff please refrain from gathering in the front office area at dismissal. Calling buses, helping parents, and answering the phones can be overwhelming for front office staff.
  • There are items available to purchase in the Media Center from Kirby Books. Come by and check out their display. They will deliver on Tuesday, September 19.
  • Auditions for Drama Club will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week in the Media Center during Spartan time. Students who are auditioning must bring a dramatic reading with them

  • All Certified Staff must attend the SHMS "Game Night" (Parent Curriculum Night) scheduled for 6pm - 8pm on Thursday, September 21. Sign up for events on the mail room door.

  • Upcoming district-wide events can be viewed at:

  • Scotland County Schools 411 can be viewed at:

Shout Outs

  • Thanks to Melony Gore, Ruth Ann Harris and Dan Hersey for helping coordinate and setup for the 1st day of school.
  • Thank you to Mr. Cain, Mrs. Macy and Mr. Gallagher for emergency coverage of a class when our substitute had to abruptly leave.
  • Continued thanks to Estella Johnson and the 8th grade science team for supporting our students who are waiting on our science teacher.
  • Welcome to Kendra Peguese, our 8th grade EC teacher! She will officially begin on September 18th.
  • Shout out to Bream, Spencer, J. McRae, Odom, Snell, Fehlman, Cain, Dunham, and Snell for helping with the PBIS Kickoff TLC today.
  • A BIG SHOUT OUT to Dee Motz for covering for our vacant EC position!
  • Thank you to the following staff members that helped plan our SHMS Game Night - Curriculum Night: Griswold, Wedlock, Salzlein, J. McRae. Miller, Motz, Harris, Dunham, Brayboy, Snell, E. Johnson! : )
  • Shout out to Mrs. Harris for the great 1st Week video posted on FB. Check it out!
  • Kudos to SHMS for being flexible as we changed the lunch schedule. You are real troopers!
  • Thank you to the Student Support team for being proactive in helping students be successful.
  • We had a great turn out for our Parent Sports Meeting on Tuesday! Thanks to our coaches!

Club Updates

Shout out to the following clubs for turning in the Club Information Sheet that was due today:
  • Outdoor Adventure (S. Gross & K. Oswald)
  • HAWK (B. Hasty)
  • FBLA (J. Odom)
  • Yearbook (A. Chevalier & M. Gore)
  • Lego Robotics (L. Carter & K. Griswold)
  • Cheer/Pep Squad (J. Allen)

Surely we will offer more clubs offered to our students this year?!? If you have not turned in a Club Information Sheet, please do so ASAP. Additional copies are located in the folder on Ms. Brayboy's door and completed sheets can be submitted to the folder as well.

If you have not signed up to advise a club, please do so by Tuesday, September 12 at

Reminder: Club recruitment videos are due to Mrs. RA Harris by Tuesday, September 12. A video montage will be created for students to view during homeroom on Friday, September 15.

General Reminders

  • Field trips - All grade levels are expected to plan at least 1 field trip this year. Field trips are due to S. Brayboy by Friday, September 22.
  • Are you giving out PBIS tickets? Don't forget we begin with Passports next week (week of September 11) with stamps. See your team for details.
  • To sign up for Remind texts, text @shmsad to 81010
  • Blue health forms need to be turned in ASAP so the nurse can update health information. After she receives the forms, you will receive a printout of information for your students with any urgent health notices. This roster can be used on field trips, etc. and are to be kept confidential.
  • The daily closure for the building to be armed and locked will be at 6:30 PM. Teachers should be sure to exit the building by 6:30 PM daily.
  • DEADLINE CHANGE: The field trip deadline has been extended to Friday, September 22. Submit all field trip request forms to S. Brayboy (folder is on her door). The field trip request form is located at

  • Faculty and staff are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays with Spartan spirit wear (Spartans, Scots, or college) or red, black, or white shirts.
  • All teacher should be out in the hallway in the mornings and afternoons to monitor students. If you have duty issues, see S. Brayboy.
  • Remember to teach Disney Style. How engaged are your students?
  • If you need help with Educator's Handbook, please see Mr. Dunham.
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This Week

Monday, September 11 - Grandparents Day Celebration at 8:15am in the Media Center (students may attend, but should return to class by 8:45am); Administrative PLC at 9:00am; AIG Teacher Meeting at 3:45pm; Board of Education Meeting at 6:00pm; Volleyball Jamboree at Sandy Grove at 4:00

Tuesday, September 12- EC Headcount Due; EC Teacher Schedules Due; ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning; Golf at Cypress Creek at 3:30;

Wednesday, September 13- Drama Club Auditions in Media Center during Spartan TIme; Principal Leadership at Central Office; Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Grade Level/Team Meetings (as needed); Learning Focused PD "Classroom Environment) during all planning periods

Thursday, September 14- Drama Club Auditions in Media Center during Spartan TIme; Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Assistant Principal Leadership at Central Office

Friday, September 15- Drama Club Auditions in Media Center during Spartan TIme; TLC

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 18- EC Schedules and IEP Meeetings Due; Administrative PLC at 9:00am

Tuesday, September 19- SIT Meeting; ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning, Golf at Scotch Meadows 3:00 pm.

Wednesday, September 20- PBIS Wacky Wednesday Drawing; Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; World's Finest Chocolate Kick Off Rally at 2:30pm in the Gym, Football Jamboree 3:45pm at Spring Hill.

Thursday, September 21- Chocolate Distribution Begins during Spartan Time; Beginning Teachers Meeting at 4:00pm in PD2; "Game Night" Parent Curriculum Night 6-8pm (all certified staff in attendance), Math Grade Level Subject Planning, Volleyball at West Hoke 4:15 p.m.

Friday, September 22- Fall Pictures; Learning Focused PD Session "Learning Goals" during all Planning Periods; Flu Shots available in the Conference Room at 3:10pm (Make Up date is October 20 from 3:30-5:00 at the Central Office), Field Trips for the 1st Semester are due; Staff Picture after school (more details to come in the next Friday Review)

Tuesday, October 3 - Faculty Meeting 3:45 in the Library

Tuesday, October 10 - Special Faculty Meeting in the Library 3:45

Sunshine Committe

The Sunshine Club at Spring Hill Middle School is a committee that brings sunshine to all faculty and staff members who choose to participate. To join this fabulous club you will need to pay a one time $20 fee to Ruth Ann Harris or Debbie Mears by September 29.

The Sunshine Committee delivers sunshine during good and bad times. This may be in the form of flowers, cards, gifts, food, etc. We want everyone at Spring Hill to know that we are thinking of you when you need sunshine.

We hope to have 100% membership! See Ruth Ann or Debbie TODAY!


  • Please continue to remember Michelle Williams as Lonnie (husband) recovers from treatment.
  • Let's remember Lynette Gibson, as she is the primary caretaker for her mom, who has been sick for quite some time.
  • Welcome back to Jennifer McRae. We missed you and hope you doing better!

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.