The most fun you will ever have!

Come visit us!

We may be half way around the world in Asia but we sure know how to have fun. But its not all fun and games for you will need many vaccinations such as: your routine vaccines, Hepatitis A and B, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Rabies, And yellow fever.

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You will enjoy many delicacies while in Indonesia such as rice cakes and for dessert you may have a fruit bowl with coconut shavings.people my eat things in Indonesia that one might find weird or disturbing such as crunchy bee larva salad!


Hopefully not but if you are Muslim and you attend a funeral expect visit the grave after 7 days then 40 then 100 then 1000 after the death has occurred.


If you go to Indonesia expect to see portable tubs. These portable tubs are used for washing clothes. However the more rural houses are made with whatever is available.
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As far as sports go many play volleyball and badminton. I'm almost sure that you are wondering what badminton is. Badminton is played with something that looks like a small tennis racket and you hit a shuttle cock over a net and you cant let it touch the ground.

The people

The people here are very loyal with family and friends. Many use laughing to get through hard times.