The Freedom's We Cherish

Amendment 1

The First Ammendment

Say what you want about anything!! I assure you, you won't get yelled at if you say something. Try Publishing what you want to also! As long as it doesn't lie about anyone(: Has anyone ever told you, you can't be the religion you are? No? Good, cause they can't, you have the right to practice whatever religion you want! Ever thought the government could do something better? GO THERE AND TELL THEM!! They can't do anything about it! Oh, have fun at parades and meetings! The government can't tell you not to have them!!

Speak out!

Monday, Jan. 20th, 12-2pm

Ms. Seilers room

Say whatever you want (:

What were doing

Having fun and speaking our mind, publishing anything we want, practicing what ever religion you want, meeting whenever, and planning to go to the government and telling them what they could change