Biteslide or Storybird?

Let's explore both and then you can decide!


If you choose Biteslide, you can choose to do an "About Me" digital story, a narrative story, or an informational story.

BiteSlide Requirements

What your Biteslide must include:

  • A central idea
  • At least 5 slides
  • Text to tell the story
  • Images to enhance the story


How to Story

Sample Stories - Feel free to explore! There are many sample stories to review.

Sample Story 1

Sample Story 2

Storybird Requirements

What your Storybird story must include:

  • A central idea
  • At least 8 pages
  • Correct spelling and grammar

Something to think about: You can only use one artist's artwork to tell your story. Before you develop your story board, look at all the artwork to help design your story.

Now It's Time to Decide!

Which will you choose?