Jurassic World Summary

by Max Ferlet

Jurassic World

This movie takes place in Costa Rica in an attraction park where scientists have revived dinosaurs and tourists come to stay and enjoy them. The movie begins with the parents secretly getting a divorce and they send Zach and Gray to visit their Aunt Claire who works at the park. The boys meet Claire because they think they are going on a tour with her, but instead she sends her assistant to bring them on the tour because she thinks her job is more important. Eventually one of the larger dinosaurs, the Indominus Rex, escapes and wreaks havoc on the park and frightens the tourists so the park staff decide to evacuate the tourists. The boys don’t hear the evacuation calls and they also get lost and separated from Claire. Owen goes with Claire to attempt to rescue her nephews. Through these events the Claire realizes that taking care of her family is more important than her job.


Claire: I need your help. My nephews they're out in the valley. Please if anything happens to them.

Owen: How old?

Claire: Uh, the, um... the older one he's like uh... he's high school age. The younger one, he's um... he's... a few years...

Owen: You don't know how old your nephews are?