Mobile Learning Devices

Mobile Apps:


Students are able to record and edit videos for assignments on any device. By using this free app, students are able to make a video anywhere they are, create and share in a multitude of ways.


Students can record and edit audio content that can be uploaded and shared. This app can be accessed at any time and includes a variety of ways to create different sounds.


Students can read and take notes with this app. As the others above, this is also a free app that offers a variety of device uses to take notes at any time or any place. This will help students that need to make checklists to stay organized and ensure that they are able to make notes as needed.


This app lets students study for tests wherever they are. Once flashcards have been made, they can be accessed at any time. There is a variety of other uses for this app as created by the multiple users that also have access to this interactive learning tool.


This center has a variety of apps that allow students to learn math on the go. You can download any category that is applicable to the user. It is easy to find the topic based on grade division and the manipulatives chosen.
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