Act 2 Scene 3

Nana Kumah



In act 2 scene 3 it is now early the next morning and Romeo has went to see Friar Lawrence in his cell. Friar Lawrence is Romeo’s spiritual advisor. According to Friar’s soliloquy he is gathering herbs and flowers, some flowers and herbs might have beneficial qualities that can heal. On the other hand some flowers and herbs have bad qualities; these qualities can be used to hurt people. Depending on how you use the flowers and herbs they can have both beneficial and bad qualities. Friar also makes a comparison to humans and man, that they are both good and evil in them. After Friar finishes his soliloquy he sees Romeo and engages him. Romeo begins to tell friar about him and Juliet, but Friar has his own opinions on the two. Friar thinks that Romeo is actually in lust not love with Juliet he is only based on the physical appearance. Friar Lawrence also thinks that women cannot be expected to be faithful when men are very fickle about their own thoughts. Romeo being fickle is important because it is seen as his first tragic flaw. Lastly, Friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet hoping to end the family feud. If the three of them go too fast they may stumble and cause destruction.

Action of Scene

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    I chose this song because just the first couple words are explaining the exact situation that Romeo and Juliet are in. The man singing has a girlfriend and he wants to marry her, but he cant because they are too young. Romeo and Juliet can't get married because they are too young and from feuding families.