Seasonal Change: Egg laying

How the egg laying is affected by global warming.

When birds know to lay eggs

1.Uses day length to find out what day it is.

2. Hours of daylight exceeds certain level.

3.Must be a safe spot with needs of survival like food water.

4. Warm enough to support the family of chicks and birds but not to hot.

5. Global warming makes the spring come sooner and the birds are not prepared.

Other parts of the ecosystem

Other parts of the ecosystem effected.

1. Hens need nutrition and not to be discouraged to lay there eggs.

2. Changes in population size are known to bias estimates of first arrival dates

3. Differences in the timing of breeding in local variation in temperature change

4. Some of the birds with diverse colors will lose them

5. Predators will not be ready to hunt at that time and will have to rely on something else.

6. Feeding behaviors will vary if food is not there.

7. Singing may happen before the mating season and temp or natural causes