Vacuum Cleaner

Krista Lucas

The Cleaning Machine Everyone's Talking About

The Vacuum Cleaner is the cleaning machine that can clean your house and get rid of dirt and dust. Hubert Cecil Booth, is the creator of this marvelous, popular invention. You can use it anytime you want your floor to go from dirty to clean in just a few minutes.

What is the Vacuum Cleaner?

In the 1800's, the Vacuum Cleaner was invented. It is an electric machine that collects dust and dirt on your floors or carpets. It is a belt driven motor that creates a vacuum in a sealed canister, that collects the dust and dirt. As the vacuum sucks the dirt, it is picked up by a rotating brush. When the canister is full with dust, it has to be emptied, but later on in development they had vacuum bags that collected the dirt.
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Uses of the Vacuum

You can use this wonderful invention anytime you want your carpet and floors to be looking dirt free. You can also you it when trying to clean your furniture as well. This invention is just to make your house not look so messy, and look squeaky clean.


What I learned from this project was that you can just be doing something random throughout your day, and come up with an invention just like that. Kinda like how Hubert Cecil Booth did. He tested this idea by putting a handkerchief across his mouth and sucking as much dust as possible into the handkerchief. This was the beginning of the first powered vacuum cleaner.

The effect this had on their lives back then, was how easy it was to clean your house and make it cleaner. Also, of having a new invention that can get rid of dirt and germs because of all of the diseases back then. The effect it has our lives are is it its more powered and there's more suction power and technology equipped. It's also more easier to use than it was back then.

You should use this invention because it's a more efficient way of cleaning up messes and dirt. It's the first step of technology in cleaning up. I persuade you to go out right now and get this technology powered vacuum cleaner, to have a healthier environment in your house, and to be dirt and dust free.