Mrs. G's Classroom News

December 4, 2015

Classroom Management

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long Thanksgiving break. I had a wonderful time with my family and finished up report cards. Report cards will be in your child's Friday folder today. Overall, I am pleased with the progress this class has made. If you have any questions or comments for me regarding the report card, please feel free to contact me through email any time!

Now that the chilly weather has arrived, please be sure to send the proper winter gear in with your child so we can have an enjoyable recess! We keep our boots lined up neatly in the hall to avoid too much snow and slush entering Mrs. G's classroom. Students are expected to hang up their winter items in our tiny, little coatroom to keep them dry and comfortable. I separate bag to carry winter gear is strongly recommended. This helps keep their backpack dry and helps them keep track of everything.

There are only ten more days until our winter break! We are fitting a lot of curriculum in and preparing for our Holiday play and party. Mrs. G's classroom and Miss Massard's classroom will perform a quick, simple play called, "A Wish to be a Christmas Tree" based on the book created by Colleen and Michael Glen Monroe. Students will create their own costumes and practice in class. We will perform the play 3 different times on Thursday, December 17th at 9:55am, 11:15am and 1:40pm. The performance usually lasts about 20 minutes. We hope you can find a time that works for you to attend! The kids are so excited about it!

Our Holiday party will be a short one this year due to our special schedule conflict. We will celebrate with food and fun activities right after our last performance around 2:10pm on Thursday, December 17. We will have about 45 minutes to celebrate! Look for a sign-up genius in your email sometime next week for opportunities to volunteer and donate items to make the party a success! Thank you in advance!

On Friday, December 18th we will have a relaxing day in our PJs, have a BYOD day and watch a movie the Mr. Yates has gotten for us! It will be a great last day before we are gone before our long Holiday break.

Please keep checking my website page at for more detailed information about upcoming events on my color-coded calendar!

Writing Workshop

This week we added the right amount of dialogue to our personal narratives. Many of us discovered that we had too much conversation in our stories so edited to sound better. We also used a story mountain graphic organizer to be sure we have a beginning, middle and end. We talked about the heart of our story and how that part needs the most detailed descriptions.

Reading Workshop

This week we have been learning about how characters have a resolution to their problems at the end of stories. We also have analyzed Kate Dicamillo's writing in the book Because of Winn Dixie and made a list of all the things she did that made her book awesome. We got new book club books and started to compare characters in those books with Opal and other stories we have read. On Friday we did a little more of our non-fiction program called Achieve 3000 in the computer lab. We also read Mrs. G's favorite picture book called Snowflake Bentley, talked about character traits and made snowflakes!

Word Work

We skipped spelling this week and started practicing our play. We were assigned our parts and began memorizing our lines. These scripts will come home this weekend. If you get the chance, have them practice reading their line to you. Michael Glen Monroe - the illustrator for the book A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree will be seeing our production this year. We want to do a fabulous job!


Unit three math assessments are in your child's Friday folder today. They did pretty good! We started unit four on multiplication this week. We have been working on skip counting to help with multiplication math facts and singing songs. Ask your child to sing the 4 and 6 song to practice at home. Here is a link to the chorus that will help your student. No need to download - just listen to the clip they provide for free.
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Social Studies

We have learned a lot about Michigan Native Americans. We have practiced many great non-fiction reading strategies while reading our text book about Michigan's first people. We also had the opportunity to teach the class about reading section we read. Listening to the book called The Birchbark House has been very enjoyable and the students have learned some fantastic Ojibwe words.
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