Computer Components

By Thea Downing

Hard Drive

A hard drive is a data storage devise. Nearly every desktop computer in use today contains one or more hard-disk drives. They give computers the ability to remember things when the power goes out. Billions of hard drives store changing digital.


Random access memory (RAM) is the best known form of computer memory.because you can access any memory directly.The opposite of RAM is serial access memory (SAM). If the data is not in the current location, each memory cell is checked until the needed data is found.


A microprocessor-also known as a CPU or central processing unit-is a complete computation engine that is fabricated on a single chip.The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004, introduced in 1971. The 4004 was not very powerful (all it could do was add and subtract)


Read-only memory (ROM), also known as firmware, is an integrated circuit programmed with specific data when it is manufactured. ROM chips are used not only in computers, but in most other electronic items as well.