Paragraph Formats

Block Style, Indent, Hanging Indent

Block Style

There are three different types of Paragraph Formats.Three of them are Block Style, Indent, and Hanging Indent. Block Style is used for more of a ''Business'' category. Some examples of Block Style Formatting would be business letters or memos. For business documents you don't want the lines to be indented. That is the purpose of the name(Block).


The '' Indent Format '' is used for reports or anything like that. You only want to indent the first line of your paragraph when using this format. The tab key is often used to indent : Indent and Hanging Indent Formats.

Hanging Indent

The Hanging Indent is pretty much the opposite of the Indent Format. They both indent, unlike Block Style. However, all the lines in Hanging Indent are indented but the first. The lines are flush with the left margin and this means each individual line is indented.

This format id often used with bibliography documents.