Tech Tip Tuesday

28 September 2015


This is a great tool, and I hope you love it, too! (I can't believe I didn't share it sooner!) Kahoot! is a game-based response system that allows you to create multiple choice questions that students can answer on any device. A leaderboard is displayed after each question, and you can make one or multiple answers be the correct answer. It would be a great way to get baseline data before a new unit or practice before a test!

Play this intro quiz to see how it works! (Load this quiz on your computer, and follow the prompts to join on your phone or other device.)

Favorite features:

  • Works on any device with an Internet connection.
  • Zero setup time, no player accounts required and one-click gameplay.
  • It’s free to create and play!

  • I love the leaderboard makes it a fun competition in your class!

  • You can download results in a spreadsheet to collect data as a class and see individual student data.

If you are worried about privacy...

  1. Kahoot only displays the top players in a class on the leaderboard. If a student has gotten every question wrong, their names likely won't be shown.
  2. If you don't want student names displayed, you can ask students to create nicknames. Create a quick Google form with two questions: student name and student nickname. You can then match that to the data spreadsheet you download.

Want more info? Check out the quick video below or this article from ISTE.

How to Use Kahoot! In the Classroom


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