Top 3 Surfing Spots in the World

By- Ariana Pensy

On this page, you will see some facts about (what I think are) the top five surfing spots in the world!

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Number 3- Gold Coast, Australia


  • Gold Coast has the most consistent waves.
  • If you don't really know how to surf, Gold Coast is a great place to go!
  • Gold Coast has 5 main areas for good surfing. These areas are called The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid Beach.
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Number 2- Supertubes, Jeffery's Bay, South Africa


  • Supertubes is one of ten areas of Jeffery's Bay.
  • Supertubes has the best waves out of all of South Africa.
  • It is very shallow in Supertubes.
  • The waves here are better for experienced surfers.
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Number 1- Santa Catarina, Brazil


  • Santa Catarina is the best surfing location in Brazil.
  • The waves can be 12ft high.
  • Known for great consistency of a variety of different height of waves.

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