Senior Magazine 2013

Make our final year great!

FInally! Our Senior Year! Time to celebrate all our senior's hard work

My name is Elena Escamilla and Im a soon to be graduate of Brenham High School of Brenham TX :)


Imagine Dragons! by mollyscourtney

A Little Piece about myself what I like

What I do like most about myself is my personality, I am a joy to have around I may be very shy at first but once you get to know me its like Im apart of your family, I can stay here and type all day about myself personally ,but I am not I can tell say something about me Im very proud of and that is my musical talent that I have had my whole life, I use my music mainly for praise and worship, my mom says I have a gift, the way I learn is all by ear all the songs I play on piano I learned on my own and Im very proud of what I have achieved so far. I also play the drums, and its very intresting to see a girl play, whenever I play at other churches I love how they react whenever I start playing gives me a good feeling to see them move and dance and even better when they give me good comments on how I play. Im very grateful for just being myself and that music is what makes me feel like Im the center of it all and that it was a gift of God that he himself gave to me personally on that fateful day and if people see me play they will know I express myself through the sound of my drums and the melody of the piano and how it makes the people around me feel happy and in awe and thats what I like the most.

What I dont like

Well thankfully I dont have alot of things that I dont like about myself personally but to pick one would be how I act whenever I get mad or upset, it sets me up in a whole other side of me which doesnt happen often, but when it does its like a demon pretty much, I wouldnt give a flip about you or anyone else and I will tell u off and maybe even fight you if im mad enough. So far in my life Ive had that side of me come out maybe 3 or 4 times the one recenty my mom called the cops on me it was a stupif reason now that i look back on it, but in that moment i was furious and my mom had to made it worse by edging it on and rubbing it in my face and since ten Ive been pretty calm thank god that my good side shows up quick whenever I am in that state and I need to work on it more.

Washington county fair

I went to the washington county fair tuesday which was a free night entry, I got there around 6pm at first there were hardly anyone there, so I just decided to walk around until some of my friends showed up at least, so I went to where the livestock was and looked at all the heifers and pigs even goats, I wasnt really intrested in livestock there, my mind was to ride some of the rides there and to see the rodeo. Then I moved onto where the small shops were and wished I had some money to buy some of the cute clothes after a quick look I went to sit down at the benches where the foodplace was at and waited there until I saw some friends from ROTC we all started chatting for a long time then just walked around the place then about 7:30ish to 8 they went to go buy the wristbands for the rides since people were starting to come I didnt have any money to get one, so while they were on the rides I was just walking around, some more poeple came lines were longer and I really wanted to go on the rides, so I was kind of suprised when a friend gave me some money to go get a wristband so i rushed and got one and went on every ride there, well almost I didnt get home til 10;30ish I was soo tired and dizzy I passed out on my bed sleeping from a night of fun.

Steven Tan 颖健

Step Up Revolution (Remix) by Steven Tan 颖健

The difference between my best friend and me

I think that my brother is my closest friend, I dont have a best friend at school because some of them I hardly ever hang out to get to know them better as a person and after school is when I feel like I dont have any at all.Me and my brother are two years apart Im the oldest of 5 currently and he is the second oldest, me and him both came from the same background our dad was an dead beat alcoholic so we were close despite the differences, he is more outgoing, fun, funny and crazy than I am, im more to myself, quiet unless I know you personally then its when I really show you how I am cause I can have tons of fun myself I just choose not to show it often. He has different views on certain subjects that sometimes leads to an arguement and can be very frustrating because he thinks he always right, but in all differences is that we are brother and sister we love each other no matter what, we have similar beliefs, like certain hobbies like videogames and sports, watch the same genre of movies and eat the same kind of food and we almost have the same goals in life finish school, college then career.

Typical day

Everyday I wake up around 6 to get dressed for school and by 6:20 I wake up my younger siblings to get them ready, by 7 everyone is dressed and ready to go, my mom has to take my step-dad to work first since he doesnt have a car and he has to be there already, then we drop off my two younger sisters at alton, then its me and my brother at the high school which be around 7:20, I go and grab some breakfest and eat after im done I go to ROTC since that is my first period class and depending if its a A or B day I would go to the classes I needed to go after, I dont have a 5th period so I go home early everyday at 2:10 once im home I do my chores and everything that needs to be done before I can relax.

Senior Memories and Moments

Whats the scoop?

Summer Event

A sunny summer day, hamburger patties cooking on the grill, all my friends splashing in the Somerville lake was the most fun I had all summer.It all started a normal week, I wanted to go to the ROTC fish camp at my school to see all my friends and to help out with the new upcoming freshmen and after a good day some of the guys wanted to go to the lake since it was hot and we had all afternoon to blow off, I was looking forward to going since I havent been to the lake in a couple of years and I wanted to do something fun before school started.We all hoped into each others car, excited and full of energy that the car I was in look like it had hydraulics, once we got there we had a good piece of lake to ourselves and started unpacking and cooking the patties, But I was anxious to jump in the water even though I was starving, I started to wallow in the water and man was that water warm made it so relaxing I didnt even hear the guys come in, we all started splashing water around had a few chicken fights even just surfing against the waves by like 20 mins the food was ready and as quick as a dog chases the cat we all went to fill our bellies up, made jokes, talked about the latest news and just enjoy the little summer we had left.

Spring Break!!!!

This spring break was more relaxing than fun I couldnt go anywhere really, just stayed at home taking care of the house and pets, my grandma was and still is in the hospital in Bryan because she was involved in a car accident on the week when I was in New Orleans for a competition, she was getting better but there would be times we get a scare she may not, but at that time I was praying she got better ( she passed away 2 weeks later) I also got a new puppy named Willow, he is a german sheperd mixed husky and i sware he is something else, I call him a cute fluffy huge crybaby because he always wants attention all the time, he is only 3 months so I always have to remind myself he is only a baby, During the break I got the time to talk to my friends more and that was alot of fun, I havent laughed so much in one phone call before, and I was able to talk to my boyfriend alot more too and then later in the week I just jammed to my music and playing black ops 2 in a very clean house, but before all of this happened my original plan was to go to the houston zoo and the furry fiesta in Dallas even though I was bum and didnt go I still had an awesome week.

Joshua Joseph 4

Spirit Soundtrack - here I am with Orchestra by Joshua Joseph 4

Favorite/Least favorite weekand this school year

About two maybe three weeks ago I had the worst weekend of my life, my dog Isabel was killed by a car who didnt see her as she ran out the street, I was tramatized when this happened it was all too quick not long ago she was in my lap playing with me and my mom in the living room and now I saw her dead on our street.My heart tore in two, I lost my only best friend she was always by my side whatever I was doing she would be right there next to me, we would go on walks together, she was the best dog I ever had, it was way too soon for her to just die on the street, when we buried her in our yard it was one of the hardest things me and my mom ever went through when it came to our pets, and even til now I still feel the shock that I dont have my baby anymore, the next day which was a saturday I had to really adjust seeing the road, seeing that exact spot where she layed and to the spot where we buried her.At night it was worst I couldnt even sleep in my room becuase her stuff was in there and she used to sleep with me and every night I would cry for her she was my only company who wanted to be with me and now I was all alone and that same image would replay every second of that day in slow motion and that what kills me the most knowing that I couldnt have stopped her from running out that door. But I pray and know eventually ill get through the pain even through ill never get rid of that night but im glad ill never forget her she will always be in my heart love you isabel <3

Hope Payne

Kiss You - One Direction by Hope Payne

High school Drama ><

High school changing

One of many things I would change is the FOOD!!! defintely, it is awful I am tired of eating crappy food for lunch I wish it was nice as the colleges lunch like actual food that taste good instead of being stale, hard and crappy tasting that no one really wants to eat but have to cause theyre starving, that since this is a open campus school we should be able to leave to get lunch if we choose to and also the constant scheduele changes they should just leave it the way it is makes it a whole lot easier for everyone so they wont be confused especially for the upper classmen and the parking lot should ONLY be for teachers, visitors and seniors with passes to park there instead of all these kids taking people spots making everyone else park further back. I would also change some of the rules like the dress code I think people should wear what they want to wear even teachers, and like we can have our electronics out when we want since its our grade anyways,next would be the tardies should only be if they havent been in class for like more than 15-20 mins since people have jobs in the morning or just things have pop up and so most wont get in trouble cuz most of the time its not their fault (most), but all in all school is school I would change alot more things but they are petty things I dont mind.


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Homecoming week was and will be one of my most memorable moments of my high school life, as it is my last year in school, Ive been trying to do things that makes me come out of my comfort zone, as the homecoming game was getting near, I would be making new friends and started being more outgoing than I am now and I was extremely excited to see my long best friend that I havent seen in years, he was part of the Rudder high drumline so I was looking foward to see them play, but I also had to do the sword arch for the homecoming queen canidates which was tiring and fun hanging with my fellow cadets. After the game was over, the cubs of course won the game and I finally had some quality time with my friend before sadly he had to leave I think this year homecoming felt more speical than all the years ive gone and I would miss every part of it  when I graduate. October one of my favorite months from getting into snow boots and sweats to getting ready for a night of fun fright and free candy!, but sadly this year I couldnt do anything for Halloween because it happen to land on a wensday which was bible study T.T so I couldnt go trick or treating with my sisters so afster bible study was over,  I just went to bed drank some soda and watch scary movies for the rest of the night.


My Thanksgiving was abit boring sad to say, didnt really do anything the whole week, I didnt even had a Thanksgiving dinner this year, because my ama (grandma) gotten sick with a cold, so my family decided to stay and take care of her instead of going to Snook or Bryan to spend time with our other family, but it was still nice not having school for a few days just to relax, but my mom decided to take me and my younger sibling to go see Rise of the Guardians which was a really cute movie, I loved it alot made me feel like santa claus, easter bunny,etc do exist,  of course I know they dont but the movie made it very convincing. Then I went walking one day, my usual routine I take to the high scholl and while I was there my friend Sam was in his backyard with his younger siblings playing, so I got the chance to talk with them for awhile it was fun seeing the youngest one, she had grown up so fat since Ive last seen her, I call her my evil twin because she has the same name as me and she likes to pick on Sam, but other than that I just been playing video games with my brother (sister and bro bonding <3) even though it wasnt like last year it was still a good relaxing thanksgiving and I think thats what I needed.


During my Christmas break I think sleeping in everyday was the best part, just relaxing and not have to worry about school, I didnt go anywhere special like always again I usually stayed at home and be lazy throughout the day one good special thing though was my Great grandparents decided to renew their vows, so on the first week of christmas I attended their wedding, which was very beautiful and fun since I was doing the music and also because many of my cousins from seminole came down for three days, later after the wedding we made B-B-Q at their house and went fishing! it was like 4-5 years since I been fishing so doing it again was really exciting especially when I caught 5 good sized fish using only a stick. On sunday morning I went to church as usual and of course we had a small skit since christmas was this week and I played a song on the piano and was really nervous since alot of people came and that I was worried I would mess up, but as soon as I got in my spot and started playing" Mary did you know" my legs started shaking, my hands sweaty and shaking as well I was trying so hard not to mess up, which I did later near the ending, but thankfully I got back on and kept playing til the last note and I was abit upset that I did messed up, but no one seemed to noticed and gave me good comments which made my day. On Christmas day we opened our presents I got 2 games that I wanted Black Ops 2 and Midnight club, got some money, new jewerly and a shirt and that was about it since my mom couldnt afford much I was okay with it because I had something to do instead of sleeping all day and that was good enough for me.


Daylight by Maroon-5

Future Goals

10 years from now

I see myself happily in the career of being with animals, as a vet tech. I will be finally done with college and is working at a small animal hospital or clinic, maybe in a nice town not too big like houston or small like Brenham and also that I have a nice house instead of an apartment, a good working car hoping my favorite the Dodge Challenger. I see myself doing and going to furry conventions around the states and do some art there or to have a great time with friends, I also see myself to have a good love lifehopefully a serious one, but dating experience will be okay too because I hope to have a husband and maybe some kids of my own one day, I will still do my music ministry at my church maybe even teaching some kids there so they can be next in line of being the church drummer or keyboard player, but theres alot of things I would like to do years from now from traveling to even some dare devil stunts like skydiving and hopefully all of them will come true.

Final thoughts

Even after all the hardship and struggles we go though in life, we still have memories of friends,loved ones and family who care ""I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are Wherever you go, go with all your heart Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" Senior Class of 2013 <3