History of the Candy Canes


The candy cane originated when a choir master from a 1670 german church wanted the little children to be quiet so he gave them peppermint sticks and he shaped them into staffs because he wanted to reming the kids about the shepherds who visited by jesus.

Why Christmas?

Candy Canes became a popular Christmas treat because candy canes also represent the bishop Saint Nicholas also known as Santa Claus.

Mass Production

Chicago candy makers the Bunte Brothers filed one of the earliest patents for candy cane making machines in the early 1920s. Also in 1919 Bob McCormack began making candy canes for local children and within a couple of years Bob became one of the most popular candy cane makers in America.

Modern Day Candy Canes

Now-a-days candy canes come in all different flavors from classic peppermint to sriracha and gravy you definitely will find a flavor to your liking.