Flip Family Boosters Newsletter

December 2015

“I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid, instead I run towards it and trample it beneath my feet.” Nadia Comaneci

Message from the President

December brought our first meet for many of our girls! There were many personal goals achieved and set after this event! We would like to hear about them all so please make it a point to share either in email form or on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FlipFamilyBoosters/). What I saw during the Level 3 competition is why our FLIP! Family is amazing - support from parent to parent, parent to gymnasts, and gymnast to gymnast!

After 3 years of competing first in stars and now in her second year of Level 3 my daughter has never scored a 9, so when she did on her first routine of this season I may have screamed - pretty loudly too! This 9 held through the competition and she ended up getting on the podium - another 1st for her! Needless to say it was exciting but this picture sums up FLIP! Her teammate's expression and excitement are priceless! This teammate, in my daughter's same age group thus her competition, is sharing in this moment with sheer happiness! We are blessed to have this and we are responsible always for fostering this wonderful spirit!

The board wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons! We look forward to seeing memories made in and out of the gym!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Gymnast (Hint: It's NOT Correcting Their Gymnastics)

Parents love their kids.

Parents want to see their kids do well in school, music, the arts or sports—whatever their child decides to pursue.

So it follows that parents want to help their child succeed.

But if help that involves coaching your child at home or requiring her to do conditioning or flexibility training not prescribed by her coach, no matter how well-intentioned, is not a good idea.

First, it’s not your role in that very important parent-coach-athlete triad. You are not the coach (unless you are the gymnastics coach, but even then the division between the gym and home needs to be clear, so this still applies).

Second, the gymnast it can be confused hearing corrections that are counter to what the coaches tell her. Not to mention it can build up resentment in the gymnast who just wants home to be home.

Finally, it can be downright dangerous. Unlike a sport like basketball or soccer, where it is perfectly fine to shoot some hoops or go kick the ball around after dinner, gymnastics performed at home can injure your child quite severely. No matter how excited your child is to demonstrate her round-off back handspring for grandma, you are far better off catching it on your phone when she’s at the gym and playing it back for grandma.

All of this said parents still want to know (aside from driving and paying tuition and fees) how they can help their gymnast, and I think that is terrific. So I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that parents can do to support their athlete no matter the sport.

  1. Fill your athletes’ emotional bucket. The best part of the parents’ role, in my opinion, is the cheerleader. Lots of hugs, smiles and “way to go-s” are the privilege of being a parent. Even when they are teenagers, and they roll their eyes at your kooky thumbs up signs or constant “I love you”s deep down they both love and need it.
  2. Listen to your athlete’s stories about practice, frustrations, and fears with understanding and patience. Don’t try to solve them for her. Just listen. Sympathize and maybe ask a couple of questions, most importantly: How can I help?
  3. Nourish and hydrate your athlete. The fuel that goes into your athlete not only gives her the energy to make it through a demanding workout but also plays a major role in how she recovers from training.
  4. Make sure she gets sufficient rest. I know how difficult this one is. The demands on young athlete’s lives between training and school can make it impossible for them to get all the sleep they need. Nevertheless, do the best you can to make sure they are going to bed as soon as possible and give them space to get some extra sleep on nights off and weekends.
  5. Pay attention to her health, physical and emotional. If she complains of chronic pains, take her to the doctor. If a doctor recommends she stop or modify training, either get a second opinion from another doctor or follow the prescription. Make sure that she completes physical therapy. And if you notice dramatic shifts in her weight, anxiety or any other behavior that signifies emotional distress and get help immediately.
  6. Check in with her coaches as needed, but certainly every 8-12 weeks. A brief check in with her coaches to ask about your child’s progress is appropriate. It is an excellent time to inquire what you can do to support their work (i.e. does she need private lessons? New floor music etc.)
  7. Communicate any medical/emotional needs or family changes to the coach. While I advocate a gymnast navigating her relationship with the coach, when it comes to medical or emotional needs, this information is best delivered by the parents, preferably in writing. If the athlete has limitations, the coach needs to be made aware of that. If she is on medications, the coaches should know and be made aware of times meds might be changing to monitor any unusual behavior at the gym. If parents are separating or a grandparent is critically ill, these pieces of information are useful in the coaches supporting and understanding if the athlete is acting out. Not to mention, no coach wants to have a gymnast try a double back for the first time if she just discovered her parents are splitting up.
  8. Speak to the teachers/principal regarding your child’s gymnastics (if needed). Perhaps getting a dispensation for PE would allow your child to get some homework done, so navigate this with the school administration for your child. Or if, for instance, it would be helpful to get all her homework assignments on a Friday so she can get a head start over the weekend (and it is feasible for the teacher to do so), the parent should be the one to make this request. If the gymnast has to miss school for competitions or medical appointments, the parent can be helpful in informing the school and arranging the makeup work.
  9. Keep the other parts of the gymnast’s identity intact. When a child is heavily involved in a single activity, it can become very easy to be solely focused on that activity to the exclusion of all others. This does not create a well-balanced human being and can cause a major crisis if the athlete is forced to retire (or even if she decides it’s time to hang up her grips on her own). So make sure that other dimensions of your child are supported. Perhaps she also is an artist, singer or musician. Or maybe she is part of the Girl Scouts or a faith-based youth group. A good test is if every holiday gift and birthday gift relate to gymnastics, you need to do some re-thinking. And make sure she participates in your family’s life, including having chores like her siblings and occasionally going to their activities or games to show her support of them. Ensure that she attends school events and has friendships with classmates. Finally, make sure that there is time for your family to connect as a family.
  10. Make the experience fun. Get together with other parents to make the experience of being part of a team a fun one. If you have a pool, host a team swim party. Slumber parties. Meals together after meets. Making all the girls on the team good luck grams with other parents. Whatever you can think of, be the social facilitator with other parents to make happy memories outside the gym.



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Upcoming Meets

Galaxy January 9-10

Galaxy competition information is up on the website:


Level 3 - Sunday Session 7 3:00 p.m. (Orion Gym)

Level 4 - Saturday Session 4 6:00 p.m. (Orion Gym)

Level 6 - Saturday Session 2 11:00 a.m. (Andromada gym)

Level 7 - Saturday Session 3 2:30 p.m. (Andromada Gym)

Location: Lausche Bldg at the Ohio Expo Center (Ohio Fairgrounds), 717 E. 17th Ave, Columbus

Please note that you will need to pay to park.

Rock N' Roll Classic January 15-17

Level 3 - Friday Jan 15

2:15 p.m. Check in

2:30 p.m. General Stretch

Level 6 - Friday January 15

4:15 p.m. check in

4:30 p.m. General Stretch

Xcel Silver - Saturday Jan 16

7:45 a.m. check in

8:00 a.m. general stretch

Xcel Gold - Saturday January 16

10:30 a.m. check in

10:45 a.m. General Stretch

Level 7 - Saturday January 16

2:45 p.m. check in

3:00 p.m. General Stretch

Level 4 - Sunday January 17

11:45 a.m. Check in

12:00 p.m. General Stretch

Additional information can be found on the meet website


Hotel Information:

Rock N Roll Classic - Independence Ohio

Hotel is SOLD OUT!!!! but not for Fliptastic!

For those of you who are needing hotel rooms for the Rock N Roll Classic, see the link and information below there are only King suites with sofa pull outs left in the block :

Your web page address is: http://embassysuites.hilton.com/…/CLEINES-FLP-…/index.jhtml…

Group Name: Fliptastic! Gymnastics
Group Code: FLP
Check-in: 15-JAN-2016
Check-out: 17-JAN-2016
Hotel Name: Embassy Suites by Hilton Rockside
Hotel Address: 5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard
Independence, Ohio
Phone Number: 6147850001

Make sure you are listed under Fliptastic! (Group Code FLP)! If you are going to this meet, it's best to book now and cancel/change your reservation 24 hours prior to your arrival. Just to be safe.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Circle of Stars January 29-31

Level 3 - Friday 12:30 p.m. Gym D2

Level 4 - Friday 8:00 a.m. Gym D1

Level 6 - Friday 5:00 p.m. Gym C

Level 7 - Saturday 8:00 a.m. Gym B

Xcel Gold - Saturday 12:30 p.m. Gym C

Xcel Silver - Sunday 12:30 p.m. Gym C

Please go to the meet website for additional information.


Hotel Information:

Circle of Stars - Indianapolis, IN

$149 Downtown – (valet $20 per night) walking distance to Convention Center

Enter the 3-digit group code on the homepage at www.PYBsports.com in the “Guarantee Your Reservation” box. Please pay special attention to the reservation deadline. After adding your reservation, your name will appear in the team’s room list and can be viewed by clicking “view room list” from the group page.

Event Name: Finals at Indianapolis Convention Center
Hotel Name: Hampton Inn Downtown Indianapolis
Travel Dates: January 28th-31st, 2016
Group Code: FPT
Reservation Deadline: December 3rd, 2015

Individual Cancellation Deadline: 24 hours prior to arrival - Confirmation numbers will be sent after the deadline date.

Worthington YB January 30-31


Information will be presented as soon as received. Good luck girls in your first meet!!

Hotel Information

Thank you to Michelle Burr and Lesley Cornathan for making hotel arrangements for our meets! Please see the Flip! Family Boosters FB page for hotel reservations information for future meets!


"Fun"raising Update

KUDOS to all athletes, teams and Families! We raised over $4,000.00 toward our fundraising goals. You deserve a ROUND of APPLAUSE! We are so successful because of your tremendous efforts in many ways! Here are a few highlights:

  • Optionals - Nice job to Options on their team Bake Sale!

  • Stars - You rock having two of your teammates turning in a full bottle of dimes! FANTASTIC!

Individual Level Champs are:

Stars- Arthur $167.50 raised

Level 3- Naegel $162.50 raised

Level 4- Warner $150.00 raised

Exel- TIE! Jacobs & Hartwell $50 raised

Optionals- Smith $200.967 raised

There are many stories we could share. Celebrate your successes throughout the team. Every $1 helps as you see we have hit over our $4,000.00 already! Keep your eyes open for other Flip Booster organized team fundraising activities. You can certainly work together as a team to bring in the big bucks too!


Tue Dec 22 Bank Night 7-8:00pm (pending gym schedule*)

Jan 2016 dates TBA

*if date/time changes, we will post on booster board in the gym, flip booster family Facebook page and email everyone.

Please Remember:

v Turn your individual or team money in at these times.

v Please do not give money to your team Mom, Jamie or the Booster Board (only to Board on bank nights)

v We are asking that you bring your money at the dates and times listed above only.

v Please pay for what is out before requesting additional candy bars

v Special orders can NOW be accepted with advanced purchase. (MAY require time to order)

v Lastly… CHECKS & Bills are welcomed!

You ALL are awesome and happy “FUN”raising!

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For those who were not able to make the Team Picnic or New Member meeting, here are a few things we would like to point out (Check with a Board Member for more information):


  • Your Athlete’s suggested goal is $150 to raise for the Booster Fundraising efforts
  • You, your team and your athlete can raise funds how you feel comfortable
  • Flip Booster is providing Anthony Thomas candy bars to sell if you are interested
  • You can collect dimes in a empty water bottle- one full turn it in during a bank night to get credited $100
  • Top sellers will be recognized and for every $25 raised the athlete gets a raffle ticket for a chance to win a huge prize on Spring Banquet Night.
  • A Flip Booster “FUN” raising Menu and explanation can be found under the booster

board in the Gym.

  • Boosters will communicate through Email, Newsletter, Flip! Family Boosters Facebook page and the Booster Board
  • Questions, please feel free to ask your team Mom, Booster member and your Coach/Jaime for specifics on the sport.

Keep Those Photo's Coming!

Be sure to submit your pictures to flip.boosters@gmail.com or to the Flip! Family Boosters FB page!