One Big Bear

The Polar Bear

Strength and Power

The Polar Bear is a very powerful animal. The only threat that they have that is an animal is the walrus. That means the polar bear is on of the most dominant species in the artic. The Polar bear has a white coat so it blends into the snow. It also has black skin so it can stay warm and not freeze to death.

Size, Weight, & Years Lived

The polar bear is a huge mammal. It can stand at a towering 7.5-8ft tall. It can weigh from about 900-1600lbs. Which makes it the biggest bear alive today. Polar bears also can live from 15 to 18 years(human years).

The male, female, & baby

Their food sources

This is the habitat of a ploar bear. They pretty much live in the northern parts of the world unless there in a zoo.