Media Minute

Issues & Trends for SLMS around Georgia

Students interview SLMS

Six school library media specialists were surveyed through Google Forms to get their feedback on trends and issues within the profession. Out of the six interviewed, three were elementary, three were middle, and three were high school. Eighty-three percent were from a large urban county. The following statistics and comments reflect their observations.

When asked about economic impact...

The "loss of media clerks" or hosting "more fundraisers" and "cutting down on book funding" has certainly drained the energy in a program. Only one out of the six interviewed said he received generous funding without having to worry about a budget. The other five interviewed said they were responsible for purchasing supplies that are used outside the media center with no direct benefit to the media center.

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Technology Guru

  • 67% said they do not have EVERYTHING they need but they are able to "make do just fine."
  • 50% said there are no plans to improve technology anytime soon.
  • 5 out of 6 said there role includes Technology Leader.
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100% see main role as learning specialist