by Liz and Evan


They had adapted to such extreme cold conditions, being the only ones who could basically live in these parts of the world. They were mainly hunters and trappers since agriculture was impossible in these conditions. To get around the land they had trained dogs to carry sleds around tricky areas.
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The Inuits had scattered across the northern part of Canada, Greenland, parts of Alaska, Aleutian Islands, and Siberia. These parts of the world are known for having very cold climates and often are frozen tundras (Northern part of Canada and Siberia). Often times, at night the temperature went below 0 °F.
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The Inuits used trading as a monetary system. They traded furs, sleds, dogs, copper, flint, clothing, bowls, hunting tools and other raw materials. This is the best economic system for them because they can't print money and they live in the middle of nowhere. Their trading allows for easy access to necessities. This economy works for them so why change it.
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The Inuits were very intuitive when it came to their location. They made sure they all had Parkas and dog sleds for traveling. Without the dog sled the Inuits would be stuck in one place and wouldn't be able to trade with other people who were near by. The Inuits built their own schools and had decent medicines. They learned how to create houses out of ice and snow so it is insulated and they don't freeze in the frigid temperatures. They arrived about four thousand years ago from Russia. since then they have come a long way technology wise. If they would have settled earlier it still would have been hard for them to find new technologies because of how aloof they are.
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Inuits had a form of government that is kind of like a democracy but they decide things as a clan. They decide punishments based of votes and what the person has done. They have no leader or Cheif. Food is considered community property and you were expected to share with others in your community. During the winter there were larger bands of Inuits while in the summer they would split up to find their own food.