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May 2, 2021 Edition 17

Rene Klaus - College & Career Specialist

Make an appointment with Mrs. Klaus at: to talk about current college applications, future college / career planning, resources available to our students, or just to hang out. I look forward to meeting you all and helping in anyway I can.


As we enter into May, it is really, really, really IMPORTANT that students read their emails. There are lots of activities going on at school now and you won't want to miss out on any fun events. Most importantly, for Seniors and all students taking AP Exams, please check your email about the Digital at Home Testing App that you will be using if you are taking any of the exams at home. If this is you, make sure to checkout the AP Insights section below.

I've also been getting many emails from Seniors asking about sending transcripts. Please read the Senior section below for clarification on how that happens. Juniors should also be checking out the section below for Juniors, especially those who are applying to 4 year Universities in the fall. We have had 3 workshops already and have a few more coming up to help you prepare for your college applications.

There are so many upcoming activities with the county COVID rules opening up a bit. You don't want to miss out on any of these fun events, so make sure to read all your emails.

Upcoming events

May 5 @2:45pm - Financial Investing Workshop

The last 3 parts to this workshop series will take place in May. Learn about Asset Allocation and Options and Spreads.

May 5 @2:45pm - Asset Allocation: Finally Building Generational Wealth

May 12 @2:45pm - Options and Spreads: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

May 19th @2:45pm - Review session

Register HERE for these worskhops.

May 19th @ 1pm - Career Talk: The Building Trades

Join this informative career talk and learn about career opportunities in the Building Trades: Sheet Metal, Pipefitters, Electricians, etc. Find out about how the Apprenticeship Programs work (earn money while you learn) and how you can start your career right after graduation. Become well paid and develop in demand skills that you can use all over the country.

Register HERE.

Career Talks Series

This series is taking a break, but if you missed any of them you can check out the website and see recordings of many of them. I recently watched the talk by

Grade Level Specific Information


Seniors are coming to the finale of High School. There are lots of important things coming up that you need to do. Make sure to attend the Mandatory Senior meeting on May 4th @10:20am where you will get all of the IMPORTANT Information about the End of the Year Activities.

Please click the link below to join the webinar: (Links to an external site.)
Passcode: 461693

Decision Day, May 1st is upon us so it's time to decide which college you will attend. I'm only going to say this 100 more times so listen up! PLEASE update your College I'm Applying to List with your results AND once you choose the place for you, update the "College Attending" field so we will know where to send your final transcript. If you are waitlisted at a college that you would definitely attend if you are admitted, please fill out the Waitlist Form so we can send your transcript to this college as well.


The College Application workshop series is completed so if you missed it and want to watch the recordings and access the slides, you can find them on the Student Services Hub in Canvas under College & Career -> Planning for College (Underclassmen).

The 3 part series is:

  • Making a College List
  • Determining Application Requirements
  • Brainstorming to Present your Best Self in Personal Statements

ALSO.... Don't forget to sign up for this

FREE Essay Writing Workshop with the College Essay Guy: This is a GREAT opportunity and there are many options for these workshops. I recommend signing up for the May or June Boot Camp to get started on your Personal Statement over the summer. This will make your Senior year so much less stressful.

  • Personal Statement Boot Camp (May 24-28)

  • Personal Statement Boot Camp (June 14-18)

  • Personal Statement Boot Camp (August 9-13)

  • Supplemental Essay Weekend Crash Course: (August 31 & September 2)

  • Supplemental Essay Weekend Crash Course (Oct 2 & 3)

  • UC Personal Insight Question Crash Course (June 12 & 13)

  • UC Personal Insight Question Course (Oct 9, 16, & 23)

Register for these at:


You might be thinking about studying for the SAT/ACT and planning on taking it when you are a junior. Since you didn't have a chance to take the PSAT this year, you should try some practice tests online or even print them out and take them on paper. can be linked with to get free test preparation. There is also Free ACT Test Prep. There may be more SAT/ACT testing centers opening up around our area since our schools are starting to open. Although many of the universities are committed to remaining test optional in the future, the California State Universities (CSUs) have only temporarily suspended the SAT/ACT test requirements for Fall 2022, Winter 2023 and Spring 2023 admission cycles. The Class of 2023 will be entering the Fall 2023 admission cycle so it is unclear yet whether or not the SAT/ACT test will be required. If you think you want to apply to CSUs it would be a good idea to try to take one of these tests your Junior year. The Testing dates for 2021-22 are the following. You can signup at or to signup. Make sure to check for testing site closures when you signup.


It's been great to see some of you on campus lately. How exciting to have students roaming around in the quad just like "old times". Hopefully you are learning your way around campus. I've been meeting with some of the PE classes to do Naviance activities with freshmen and will meet with more of them over the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning about careers, the Road Trip Nation Video library is a great way to get started. These 5-7 minute video interviews are very informative. Follow these directions to start binge watching the Netflix of Naviance. You just might learn about an interesting career that you didn't know existed.


2020-2021 Scholarships Spreadsheet

See this scholarship spreadsheet for a complete list of scholarships. Read below for a few spotlighted scholarships due soon.
Barbara Emerich Scholarship 2021 Due May 7th

Two scholarships of $750.00 each are available to support students who are planning to attend a 2- or 4-year college. Applicants must be current high school seniors, members of their high school PTA/PTSA, and should have a strong record of community service: volunteering in education, counseling, mentoring, tutoring/preschool or with special needs children. Apply online HERE

Stop the Bleed Frontline Families Scholarship - Due May 8th

These scholarships, sponsored by Stop the Bleed Coalition and Z-Medica, LLC, are open to students who are currently attending high schools in the United States and its territories. Get details HERE.

Open to high school students who have a parent or guardian who has been on the frontline this past year. Get details HERE.

AP insights

AP Testing May 18th - 25th

If you are taking any AP Exams, make sure to attend one of the upcoming AP Information Meetings on May 6th or 7th during Tutorial at 10:20am

Thursday May 6 10:20am join at:

Passcode: 288628

Friday May 7th 10:20am join at:
Passcode: 287118

If you are a Senior and are using a school issued chromebook to take your AP Digital Exams, you need to have it swapped out because it will not run the AP Digital Testing Software that you will need to take your test. All other grade levels should have school issued chromebooks that are compatible with the software. Seniors should have received an email with a link to a form to let us know whether or not you need to swap out your chromebook. Please find that email and respond to it if you have not. Search for IMPORTANT!! AP Digital Exam Information in your school email.

To see the AP Testing Schedule at Westmont click HERE

Klaus's Kernels

High School Internships - These are difficult to find because most employers give their summer internships to college students. Your best chance of getting a summer internship as a high school students is typically to volunteer or work for someone in your family network who will give you an opportunity. That is... work for someone who knows someone who knows someone who works at some company.

Pilot City, however, is an online platform that offers another option for summer internships to both middle school and high school students. They have connections with over 30 employers in the Bay Area that have proposed problems for students to solve. The Santa Clara County Office of Education sponsors students to join the Pilot City platform. Students who join, browse the employers and select a project to work on. Students are led through the process of developing a prototype solution to one of the employer problems which will become their "Summer Internship Application". These prototypes are reviewed by the employers and then students are selected for internships. In our demo with one of the founders of Pilot City, we learned that 30-40% of the students who apply get summer internships from their prototypes.

Check out and if you are interested in working on a project to get an interview, contact me at for a sponsorship code to get started. The prototypes are due at the end of May and the internships start in mid June so you need to get started NOW if you are interested. To watch a recording of the Pilot City Demo click HERE.

opportunities / Jobs / Volunteering

AI Scholars Live Online - Now accepting Applications for Summer

AI Scholars Live Online is a 10 session (25-hour) program that exposes high school students to fundamental AI concepts and guides them to build a socially impactful project. Taught by our team of graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and more, students receive a personalized learning experience in small groups with a student-teacher ratio of 4:1.

To learn more and apply go HERE.

Interested in Dentistry? Looking for the right Senior

Dental Assistant Position:

We are looking to hire a suitable candidate for a dental assisting position. The right candidate would be someone with the great, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and someone who enjoys working with people. No experience required, Training to the right candidate to be an assistant will be provided.

If you are interested, contact Mrs. Klaus

Georgetown University: Pre-College Online Program

Georgetown University is pleased to announce the launch of our new Pre-College Online Program—offering courses that enable high school students 13 and older to explore subjects they may wish to study in college. The program is launching with two interesting courses, with more in the works. The two courses are:

Law: How to Think Like an Attorney

High school students are given an inside look at the profession, practice creating evidence-based arguments, analyzing information, and discerning fact from opinion. The course teaches valuable critical thinking skills. Topics covered offer a good background for potential college majors and career paths related to law.

Medical Research: Clinical Trials Resulting in Medical Discoveries

High school students learn the processes researchers use to formulate and conduct studies, as well as evaluate the evidence gathered. Topics covered offer a good background for potential college majors and career paths related to STEM, medical research, pharmacology, and biostatistics.

To learn more check HERE.

Apply to be a Campbell Youth Commissioner by May 11th

Members will have the opportunity to earn community service hours, organize and host special events, participate in community events, obtain a letter of recommendation for employment or college applications, team building, fun memories and so much more! Great volunteer experience.

For more info visit

College Spotlight by Ella Nghiem

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a large, private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. It consists of 9 colleges, and even has a law school!

Northeastern is renowned for its co-op (cooperative education) program, which provides students with the opportunity to undergo six-month periods of full-time employment in Boston or abroad, alternating semesters with academic study. Students can study abroad, research, or complete professional work.

Some unique programs include PlusJD, where qualified students can earn their bachelor’s and law degrees in as little as 6 years; another program is PlusOne, where you can earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years; finally, in the program, freshmen study abroad for the first semester of college, then return to Northeastern’s Boston campus for the second.

91% of alumni are employed full-time or enrolled in graduate school within one year after graduation.

Quick Stats:

Undergraduate enrollment: 13,825

Graduate enrollment: 7664

Student to Faculty ratio: 14:1

Average Classroom Size: 22

Acceptance rate: 19%

Full tuition, fees, and annual room and board: $67,330

Students Living on Campus: 47%

Students of color: 61%

Student retention rate: 96%

Top areas of Study:

  • Business

  • Engineering

  • Natural sciences

  • Computer science

  • Social sciences


Interview with an Engineering Program Manager

1. What's your current job? Essentially, what do you do?

I'm an Engineering program manager. I plan the company product from the beginning to the end and check the status of the program.

2. How did you get your first job? Was it through the network you formed during your high school / college?

I applied for the engineering position from the job fair.

3. What was your undergraduate major? What steps did you take to become an engineer after graduating from college?

I majored in the department of industrial engineering.

4. Describe your typical day at work.

First, I have a meeting with a cross-functional team for the discussion of program status, especially the bottleneck. Then, I try to find available resources to solve certain problems and allocate these resources if needed. I also arrange meetings with various vendors outside of my company and summarize the major issues and solutions.

5. How much of what you learned in school do you use? Is there a lot of problem solving in your job?

It was very helpful to learn the fundamental statistical methods to define the problems.

6. Any advice for high school students considering a career in engineering?

To be an engineering program manager, not only technical depth but also excellent communication skills are required. I'd also like to emphasize that the interest in human relationships and insight about solution seeking processes are quite necessary for this job.

want more?

If you are hungering for more information, here is a link to the Prospect College and Career Center Newsletter which has everything you would ever want to know and more. Mrs. Bencomo does a great job with her newsletter so check it out. It is full of resources and links to opportunities that are applicable to all students, not just Prospect students. Go to: