Texas Annexation Into United States

By: Maddie Brunelle

Issues with Mexico

When we spoke to the Anglo Texan, his point of view was that annexation might mean war with Mexico. Texas and Mexico are fighting about which rivers are their border. Another issue that was brought to our attention when speaking with the Americans point of view is that Mexico doesnt want to except the fact that Texas is part of United States, and they dont want to give up their land.

The Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny is where they think that they were destined to spread across the world, aqnd God was watching over them. With Texas being annexed by the United States the Americans think that it brings them even closer to Manifest Destiny. Northerners and midwesterners believe that Manifest Destiny really means to expand slavery, so they have a different point of view.


Slavery is illegal in some parts of the country, but not in Texas. Annexation of Texas into the United States means that the few African Americans with little rights will have to give up the rights promised to them. Annexation has affected the African Americans because now that Texas is part of the United States that may mean they have to expand slavery.