Flute Solo 1A

Kayleen Broetzmann

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The Solo Preformence

This is my, Kayleen, Solo act and I am doing the song called "New World Symphony" by Antonin Leopold Dvorak.

About Me

I am 6th grade at Discovery Middle School. I have 3 cats, Casper, Caesar, and Cisero, 1, or 2, brothers, Kristofer, and maybe 1 sister. I was born in Las Vegas and my dad lives there now. I lived here, Fargo, for 9 years. My best friends are Anna, Gaby, Maddy, Seema, and Hannah. I play the flute and my favorite subjects are Art, Science, and F.A.C.S.
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What I like about this song is that it kind of reminds me of Chinese. I like the tempo and learning about the conductor. (or the writer of the song)

Solo Project

Monday, May 2nd, 9am

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

I guess this is where your supposed to go, but I don't think I have to do this one so I think I'll just do it, just in case.

Time Schedule

8:40 Class begins

8:40-8:43 Announcements

8:44-8:48 Warm Up Sheets

8:49-8:24 Solo Acts

9:24 Pack Up

9:27 Leave

9:31-3:25 Carry On With The Rest Of The Day


Largo- very slow tempo

p- means piano or soft

slur- connecting two, or more, different notes

mf- means mezzo forte or medium loud

fermata- play the note longer then it supposed to

Slower- play slower