English 1 Poetry Project

Caitlin Gaither

"Hate Poem"

Julie Sheehan

I hate you truly. Truly I do. (A)
Everything about me hates everything about you. (A)
The flick of my wrist hates you. (A)
The way I hold my pencil hates you. (A)
The sound made by my tiniest bones were they trapped (B)
in the jaws of a moray eel hates you. (A)
Each corpuscle singing in its capillary hates you. (A)

Look out! Fore! I hate you. (A)

The blue-green jewel of sock lint I’m digging (C)
from under my third toenail, left foot, hates you. (A)
The history of this keychain hates you. (A)
My sigh in the background as you explain relational databases (D)
hates you. (A)
The goldfish of my genius hates you. (A)
My aorta hates you. Also my ancestors. (E)

A closed window is both a closed window and an obvious (F)
symbol of how I hate you. (A)

My voice curt as a hairshirt: hate. (G)
My hesitation when you invite me for a drive: hate. (G)
My pleasant “good morning”: hate. (G)
You know how when I’m sleepy I nuzzle my head (H)
under your arm? Hate. (G)
The whites of my target-eyes articulate hate. My wit (I)
practices it. (I)
My breasts relaxing in their holster from morning (J)
to night hate you. (A)
Layers of hate, a parfait. (K)
Hours after our latest row, brandishing the sharp glee of hate, (G)
I dissect you cell by cell, so that I might hate each one (L)
individually and at leisure. (M)
My lungs, duplicitous twins, expand with the utter validity (N)
of my hate, which can never have enough of you, (A)
Breathlessly, like two idealists in a broken submarine. (O)


The tone in "Hate Poem" is hate, disgust. Sheehan uses the word hate often, in almost every line to be exact. Saying how much these things hate you as much as she does.


The theme of "Hate Poem" is, expressing how hated this person is by the writer of this poem. She lists all of these things that hate this other person as much as she hates that person.

"10 things I hate about you"

I hate the way you talk to me, (A)

and the way you cut your hair. (B)

I hate the way you drive my car, (C)

I hate it when you stare. (B)

I hate your big dumb combat boots (D)

and the way you read my mind. (E)

I hate you so much it makes me sick, (F)

it even makes me rhyme. (G)

I hate the way you’re always right, (H)

I hate it when you lie. (I)

I hate it when you make me laugh, (J)

even worse when you make me cry. (I)

I hate it when you’re not around, (K)

and the fact that you didn’t call. (L)

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, (M)

not even close… (N)

not even a little bit… (O)

not even at all. (L)


The tone of "10 Things I Hate about You" is hate. She is stating everything that she hates about this guy when in the end she still loves him.


The theme of this poem is expressing everything she hates about this guy and how he makes her feel. When in the end she states that she does not hate him at all and that she actually loves him.