by: Alec Naquin

Colony News Article

important bulletins

  • ps4 vs. xbox1/ coming out
  • Christmas is on its way!
  • bf4 vs, ghost

my view on the ps4

i honestly think the ps4 is goingto be an awsome system. it is very close to release and I cant wait for this amazing system that has millions wondering what it is really going to be like, and the ps4 is probably going to beat the xbox1.

Ice Days

On the night of Friday December, 6 2013 it rained with a temperature of under 50 degrees and once the rain water sat there for about an hour it froze to ice and we were of school for two days including weekend made it a four day weekend.

Friday, Dec. 6th 2013 at 1pm

Dallas, TX, United States

Dallas, TX

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