CHISD Professional Development

Learning to Inspire

Cedar Hill ISD provides focused, professional learning experiences that are purposeful, differentiated, and effective. Professional development inspires participants through quality learning opportunities which promote reflective practice aligned to the academic framework and district goals.

March 25, 2016 is the deadline for fulfilling your 2015-2016 PD Requirement

Professional Development Requirements

All teachers are required to complete 18 hours of Professional Development throughout the school year not including district professional development days. Teachers can earn hours by attending sessions offered during the year in Eduphoria, and outside workshops with Principal Approval.

Required Hours:

  • 4 Technology
  • 8 IPD (Individual Professional Development)
  • 6 Campus Leadership
All hours need to be documented in Eduphoria Workshop.

*Non-Instructional Professionals, Part-time Instructional Professionals and Mid-Year Hires, please see the PD Handbook for specific requirements.

Staff Development/Comp Day - May 27, 2016

May 27, 2016 has been designated as a Staff Development/Comp Day. Employees who have not accrued the required amount of hours will have to participate in staff development designed by his/her principal or supervisor on that date. Those who have accumulated the required amount of staff development hours will be able to take May 27, 2016, as a Comp Day. It is imperative for employees to adhere to the District’s leave policy, DEC(LOCAL), when using the Comp Day. If May 27, 2016 is designated as a Bad Weather make-up day, June 6, 2016 will become the Staff Development/Comp Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

I took an out of district training or attended a workshop not listed in Eduphoria, how do I get credit?

All PD needs to be documented in Eduphoria. If you attended a workshop that was not in Eduphoria, you can receive credit for it if your principal approved the training. To add the workshop to Eduphoria portfolio, see the directions below:

I forgot to complete my survey and did not receive credit for a workshop?

In order to receive credit for a workshop, you must have signed-in at the workshop and complete the survey in Eduphoria. Once the survey has closed, it cannot be reopened. If you did not complete the survey in time, you need to complete the form below to earn credit. Requests made after March 11, 2016 may not be honored.

I need to change the type of credit I received. How do I do that?

Per the PD Handbook, "When selecting ELECTIVE course credit, participants should be mindful of their portfolio hours. Once the credit is selected, it will NOT be changed at a later date."