Collaborate for the Student

by the Teacher

Model Lesson

This will be a model lesson. The students will be using Learnpad devices and engaged in a lesson on the Nobel Peace Prize. The teacher will be using a new cloud based solution from SMART called AMP for student collaboration.

***This model lesson will lean heavily on the internet, there is a possibility that there may be connections issues if the Wifi has heavy traffic.

Special Thanks to...

SMART for giving us early access to the AMP, which is in private beta and due out until April.
Visual Sound for the use of Learpads.


Chrissy Rebert

Director of Training & Professional Development
Certified LearnPad Trainer
SMART Notebook 11 Certified

Brandon Lutz

Technology Applications Specialist at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit

Brook Mulartrick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Methacton School District


James Griffin, M. Ed

Business Development Manager