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5th Grade News - December 4th, 2015

Upcoming Events

*Scholastic Book Fair - December 7th - December 11th. Flyers were sent home today!

*Conley 2015-2016 Yearbooks are on sale - now through January (exact date TBD). Orders are ONLINE ONLY, no checks or cash will be accepted. Flyers were sent home Monday, or see the link on my Parent Haiku page for details on how to order. Cost is $15.

*Save the date! Our Winter Party is Friday, 12/18 @ 12:30-1:30 p.m. The list of requested food donations will be sent out in the next couple of days; as well as a request for a few parent volunteers to help run some activities (super easy!) All are welcome to attend!


Just a reminder that your child's D.A.R.E. essay is due next Thursday, December 10th. Your child should have brought home an instruction letter as well as their D.A.R.E. workbooks for help with this assignment. Students may be reading these in front of the class and a classroom winner will be selected based on votes for the most inspiring essay.

Thanks in advance for your support with this project!!

Math - by Adem

Hi, i’m Adem this week in math he have been learning about fractions. We have learned how to get equivalent fractions and trying to find out which fraction is bigger. We switched groups in guided math what that is, it is you get put in a group to do different things you eventually get to do them all. A group gets to do the journal page B group goes on extra math and front row and C group gets to meet with the teacher in my opinion I really like guided math. We all have got a lot better at are math facts we had a two minute test and everyone as a class did fabulous. Well that is all I got for this week bye!

Social Studies - by Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia today I will be talking about Social studies. On Monday she told us about the new project we got to do. Our project we wrote about what we do sometimes during the day. We also wrote `the kind of tools and what we used. We also draw a picture to kinda show what we are writing about. On Tuesday we started working We worked a little and Mrs.Turk told us a little more about what we are doing because we had some questions. Wednesday we had a bunch of work time.Thursday we finished up and added some last details. On Friday we presented our projects. That’s what we did in social studies see ya later.

Art - by Emma

Hello! I’m back! By now you probably know that my name is Emma. But today I am doing what we did in art instead of math this week. We have art on Wednesdays and Thursdays. What we did on both of those days is we finished up our butterflies or people, then we used oil pastels with a black tree that we made. That is what we did on both days of art this week. Bye!!!!

Literacy - by Sophie

Hi! it’s me again! this time I will be writing about writing. In writing we are creating a seed story. a seed story is a small little time from a big trip. Over fall break we had to type an introductory paragraph and show it to Mrs. Turk. Today (friday) we will be assigned three paragraphs to write for the body of the story. We need to at least have four sentences in each paragraph. After that we have to work on daily five. I’ll talk about that later. Goodbye!!!


We were "tickling the ivories" in music class this week! Students played piano in Mrs. Crowe's piano lab to practice reading the grand staff. What song did your child try to play? Was it easy or hard? We also worked with a new app on our chromebooks called "Flat." Have them show you how it works!

Book Fair Update

Conley Book Fair dates...

Monday, December 7, 9:30-2:30

Tuesday, December 8, 9:30-6pm

Wednesday, December 9, 9:30-2:30

Thursday, December 10, 9:30-2:30

Friday, December 11, 9:30-12pm

The Fair will be held in the Conley Library. Tuesday after school until 6pm we will have hot chocolate and candy canes as a special treat!

Thanks so much!

Request for Girls on the Run Coaches

Would you be interested in helping to build the confidence of the young girls at Conley and have fun doing this? If so, you need to consider becoming a coach for Girls on the Run. Being a coach is easy, rewarding, and you don't have to run! Check out the website to learn more information about this great program!



Have a fantastic weekend!


Dana Turk