Catherine Blake

The Great Gatsby

  • Skinny, red hair, milky white skin, brown eyes
  • Sister of Myrtle
  • Lover of money, clothes, and jewelry
  • Who feels scared of tom, feels Myrtle should leave Wilson, and feels she knows everything
  • Who needs attention from everyone to survive, needs money to buy what she wants, and needs a husband to make her money
  • Who gives bad love advice, gives no mercy for Daisy, and gives no information to the police about Myrtle's death
  • Who fears running out of money, losing all her clothes & jewelry, and being alone
  • Who would like to see London, the beach, and a big diamond ring on her finger
  • Resident of Manhattan, New York


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I chose a target to represent Catherine because she thinks she is the center of the universe. She thinks everybody's attention needs to be on her all the time. Catherine has it in her head that every one around her thinks she is pretty when she is not.

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I chose a brain to represent Catherine because she thinks she is smart. She thinks she knows everything about anything, when she has no clue. Catherine believes everything anybody tells her is true.
"It's really his wife that's keeping them apart. She's a catholic and they don't believe in divorce" pg. 38

I chose this quote from Catherine because it shows that she doesn't know what she's talking about. She heard from someone or made up that Daisy was Catholic, which isn't true. Im sure she knows that Daisy wants out of her marriage too, but still blames everything on her.