Brighten your Life

Sunshine, Spring and Stella & Dot

Hope you are having a wonderful January

This year is the start of anything you want CAN happen! Each day is a new adventure and I hope this truly is the best year of your life.

Welcome Spring

I know some areas are still cold, rainy or you wonder if the snow will ever melt. Well take a mini break and enjoy our latest collection. We have a great mix of new patterns, styles and added versatility. Our design team was inspiration this spring is floral rocker(feminine with an edge) and Gypset (gypsy + jetset). The collection is so versatile it doesn't matter if you fall into one of those categories or if you create your own, what matters is what in this collection speaks to you!

and there is more!

We have light-weight statements (linden), adorable clutches to take you day to night, clip on earrings, gorgeous colors (citrine,geranium,peach,green all in universally flattering shades)
versatile statements(sardinia statement & the 3-way earrings, milana tassel, devon and a stone sutton just to name a few. We have glorious statement pieces, work and everyday necklaces all in store for you!

Spring up your wardrobe

So now is the time to see what you have in your closet and how Stella &Dot can make your ho-hum clothing sizzle with style.
As always you can order online, chat with me about any of the new items or ask for suggestions, set up a style hour(just you and me and see how Stella &Dot would look with your wardrobe) or if you want to go big have a pop up boutique in your home. Whatever you are most comfortable and happy with, I am here to help you look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

American Heart Association

It's not quite February but I wanted to ask you all if you know someone who would like to team up with me and have a pop up boutique where I would donate my sales to the American Heart Association. Our family has been touched by heart disease especially this past year so I would love to give back. Contact me via phone or email. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.