Kindergarten Newsletter

February 1st - 5th

What we're learning this week...

Phonics: oo vowel team

Book: Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Reading Strategies: Making a prediction, cause and effect, making a connection, writing about our favorite part of the book

Math: Comparing numbers to 20, number handwriting practice, fluency of addition and subtraction within 5

Writing: Writing our opinions, letter formation (handwriting practice)

Social Studies: Where do you live?

Science: Mystery Science – Force Olympics - Lesson 1: What’s the biggest excavator?

Religion: Jesus teaches us and helps us, Jesus heals and teaches, Mass: Liturgy of the Word, following good teachers, Jesus teaches me ____

Social Skill: Following directions and getting the teacher's attention
Virtue: Cooperation

Social and Emotional Learning: Understanding that people can change: children discuss the potential for growth, learning, and change in themselves and others and identify how they have changed.

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Catholic Schools Week

Monday, February 1st - Community Appreciation Day

Tuesday, February 2nd - Student Appreciation Day (Pizza lunch provided for students!)

Wednesday, February 3rd - Teacher Appreciation Day

Thursday, February 4th - Pastor, Principal, Parent Appreciation Day

Friday, February 5th - Grandparent Appreciation Day

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How to help your child with writing at home

Looking for more writing practice at home?

- Let your child pick out a notebook and pick out some fun pencils, crayons, smelly markers, etc.

- Work on our "5 Star Writing" rubric. These are the things I look for in all of our Writing Workshop lessons:

1. Are there spaces between your words?

2. Is there a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence (with the rest of the letters lowercase)?

3. Did you use proper punctuation at the end of each sentence? (period, question mark, or exclamation mark)

4. Did you spell sight words correctly?

5. Does your writing make sense?

*Important to remember: DO NOT spell out words for your child. Let them "stretch" the sounds they hear in words and spell words phonetically (the way they sound).*

Seesaw practice at home

I am regularly updating Seesaw each and every week! There is lots of practice for your child to access, and it is all a review of what we learn each day and could really help support and reinforce your child's learning!
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Day of Giving to Catholic Schools: Many Gifts, One Nation


The fourth annual Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving will begin Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at noon and continue through noon on Wednesday, February 3. We hope these events become more and more successful each year. Watch this page and make sure your school is participating in the Day of Giving!

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