Icahn Charter School 4

Spring Newsletter Vol.2: May / June / July 2015

Jeffrey Litt, Superintendent

Daniel Garcia, Deputy Superintendent

Richard Santiago, Deputy Superintendent of Finance & Operations

Michelle Allen, Principal

Principal's Message

On Friday, May 22nd, Move This World in partnership with DayBreaker, organized an amazing event for the students of Icahn 4. The children, staff and parents all came together to celebrate the work we have been doing around Social Emotional Learning by demonstrating positivity and unity through movement. During our fitness assembly students got to see their teachers model healthy exercise routines, while enjoying organic beverages. Everyone had a wonderful time and it's a day we won't soon forget!

Ms. Daisy-Secretary & Ms. Giles/Ms. Jasmin -Office Assistant

Kindergarten: Pagan/Pelle & Shepherd/Edwards

This month our fabulous kindergarteners explored the different types of sculptures, artists can create. They also discovered the different tools and techniques artists use to create wonderful works of art. Each student researched an item they would like to sculpt, used tools to add details and molded sculptures of their very own. Afterwards, each child created a descriptive writing piece that explained the steps they followed to create their sculpture and gave the reader a peek into the world of sculpting. Way to go kindergarten!


Kindergarten Sculptors

First Grade: Ferdinand & Malota

For the month of May first grade enjoyed perfecting their descriptive writing skills. Students spent a few days discussing and writing about self-portraits. When composing their writing pieces they had to describe themselves using their self portrait. We reviewed and discussed the parts of descriptive writing. Details used in descriptive writing are usually sensory and selected to describe what the writer sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. When our unit was complete students had a clear understanding that descriptive writing is the clear description of people, places, objects, or events using appropriate details. The first grade did a fantastic job on both their self portraits and descriptive writing. Please come and take a look at all their hard work displayed on our bulletin board!


IMG 0790

Second Grade: Xenos & Arvonio

Our second graders have been working hard on their fantasy writing pieces. Their stories contain a variety characters including wizards, witches, and fairies; all while incorporating appropriate writing mechanics to make their writing the best it can be!


2nd Grade Fantasy Writers

Third Grade: Demo & O'Connor

The third grade has been exploring our Solar System and all of the celestial bodies it contains. On our journey through space, we have visited each planet and have analyzed the characteristics of each one. Our astronauts decided to take a special trip to our closest neighboring planet, to determine if one day we could live on our Moon. In order to report the news back to mission control, we had to analyze various nonfiction texts about the Moon and compare and contrast Earth and the Moon. Our budding astronauts discovered that with the assistance of NASA, life on the Moon may not be a concept that is light years away.


Third Grade's Moon Expedition

Fourth Grade: Courman & Laricchia

Our fourth grade scientists have been hard at work learning all about electricity and magnetism. The students learned a lot about electrical circuits. In this video, a group of students are putting theory into practice by creating a series (simple) circuit and experimenting to find out what would happen if one load (a light bulb) was removed from the circuit. Watch and find out.


4th Grade Science

Fifth Grade: Matula & Davis

The 5th Grade Teachers created their own carnival for both ELA and Math. The Carnival consisted of a student from Mr. Davis' class working with a student from Mr. Matula's class for a total of 36 stations in two days covering every ELA and Math topic from volume and fractions to context clues and main idea. The carnival was a huge success as it blended fun educational games on the iPads and computers with classic educational board games and puzzles. Students were well prepared for the NY state test because of this carnival and we hope all other grades were successful on their test, too!


5th Grade Newsletter

Sixth Grade: Ms. Taylor & Ms. Magiraga

In sixth grade, students learned how to recognize a statistical question as one that anticipates variability in the data related to the question and accounts for it in the answers. The students completed an activity that helped them figure out the differences between statistical and non-statistical questions. In addition to the hands-on activity, the students had to write a compare and contrast paragraph about statistical and non-statistical questions in which they provided two examples of each explaining the similarities and differences. This wasn’t as easy as the students thought; however, the students were engaged and took ownership of their thought processes as they completed this activity. Upon completion, the students had a better understanding and were able to recognize the differences between statistical and non-statistical questions.


Statistical Questions 6th Grade Video

Icahn Charter School 4's MIDDLE SCHOOL

Math - Ms. Khullar

Students have been learning certain math skills that are required in the real world. The first real world situations we looked at was how to balance your checkbook based on a the balance in your checking account. While exploring this topic, students learned the difference between a credit and debit card, what is a checking account, and overdraft fees. Now that the 7th graders are getting older, they may soon open a checking account. Learning about this topic will ensure that students are able to properly manage their account and budget their money.


7th grade Math

ELA - MS. Cheriyan

This marking period my ELA students have been analyzing famous literary essays by authors George Orwell and Mark Twain. The students will be making IMovie’s and Prezi's to display the conflict the Burmese had to face by the European Government in the essay “Shooting an Elephant.” This unit also correlates well with Social Studies and aspects of Imperialism that affected its citizens.


Famous Essays & Speeches - 7th Grade ELA

Mr. Quiza - Social Studies

Since declaring independence from the king of England, America has been weary of giving up power to the federal government. It was in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal package that transformed how Americans viewed the role of the American government. The drastic economic depression gave way to Americans pleading for government help. The seventh grade historians learn that this era gave way to more open government regulations, in America.


The New Deal Newsletter

Foreign Language - Mr. Cartagena

The current unit of study is sports. Students will learn to talk about different sports that are popular in the Spanish-speaking world, describe a soccer uniform, and its various colors. They will compare sports in the United States with Spanish-speaking countries. To discuss these subjects, students will use the present tense of stem changing verbs.



Advisory - Ms. Downing

During advisory class, students participate in an activity called “Step To The Middle”. Students must listen to the question or comment and determine (with honesty) if it applies to them. They simply step forward to the middle of the line, look to see who else has that answer in common with them and then step back into place. When the activity is completed, students sit in a circle to discuss new things that they have learned about their peers or even themselves. Although this exercise can be fun, it is also a way for students to learn about one another without judgment. It creates an opportunity for self-evaluation, self-healing, and new friendships.


Advisory 7th Grade 😁

Targeted Assistance & ESL Teachers

Social Studies Cluster Teachers: Mr. Guarino (4-6 S.S & Music), Mr. Green (K-2) & Mrs. Luongo (3rd grade)

In the 4th grade, students are learning about Chinese Dynasties and are also getting a chance to be a little more dramatic. The fifth graders are working on news reports covering the Age of Exploration while the sixth graders are wrapping up their unit of the French Revolution. In music class, students are learning how to write their own songs and perform them for their classmates.


Social Studies/ Music Update 050115


Guidance Counselor - Ms. Cisneros

Here at Icahn 4 we strive to provide our students with the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in a rigorous academic environment. Additionally, we believe that our students’ personal/social development is a fundamental piece for their lifetime success. Their success can only be accomplished if the school and its families work together. Parenting is a lifetime journey that at times can be stressful and challenging. For this reason we would like to nurture family involvement and facilitate conversations, discussions and learning. Currently, we are in the process of developing a series of parenting workshops to support families and children. Some of the topics will be, helping your child succeed at school, single parenting, communicating effectively with your child, coping with daily stress and positive discipline; among other important topics. Our first parent workshop will be offered in October 2015. Flyers will be sent home to keep you up-to-date with all workshop dates, times & topics. Please feel free to contact me if there is a particular topic that you are interested in learning about during the 2015-2016 school year.


Board of Trustees

Gail Golden-Icahn, Chairperson

Julie Goodyear, Secretary

Seymour Fliegel

Karen Mandelbaum

Robert Sancho

Edward Shanahan