Back "Inn" Time

by Joe Santarelli, Jacob Norton, and Hunter Groth

Six Business Activities

1.) The Idea- In 2013, we were struck by an ingenious idea to open a hotel that takes its guests back in time. We have a unique guest experience where every room in our hotel is based on an event, or a period of time, where our guests can have a night in a world that has been long forgotten.

2.) Capital Funding- We have invested over $500,000 out of pocket expenses in order to get our idea off the ground. We are always looking for new investing partnerships in order to provide a more enhanced consumer experience.

3.) Employment Opportunities- Our business is not in the full faze of requiring. However, we do have a full time CFO in charge of managing company procedures, and expenses.

4.) Goods & Services-We have a wide array of other local, and nationwide business in order to bring the finest quality bedding, furnishing, and services to our guests.

5.) Marketing-We have created a hotel website in order to more effectively market our company. We have also been engaged in charitable community activities, such as our family BBQ, in order to enhance the hotels image, and bring together the community.

6.) Accounting-Our company has a full time CFO in order to provide full time accounting, and expenditure management. All company expenses, or project funding, must go through the CFO for approval before company funds are granted.

Our Company Goals

1.) Have a standard 40% occupancy rate.

2.) Make back our initial investment in 8 months.

3.) Expand to a new and better location in 5 years time.

4.) Receive best hotel of the year award in the local area.

5.) Ranked at least 4 stars average by tripadvisor.

Mission Statement

Back "Inn" Time offers the best historic hotel experiences in the world, along with an unmatched luxury, world class stay. Back "Inn" Time has reinvented the hotel experience with its revolutionary trip back in time experience.