Megan McCoy

This is me.

Who Am I?

My name is Megan Ann McCoy, I go by Megan. I am 20 years old as of July 3rd. I come from a military family and since I can remember we were moving from one house to another. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but I am happy to be settled down here in Manhattan and I now have one consistent thing in my life. K-State.

My family means everything to me. I have a younger brother, Christian, who is 18 and a senior in high school. Following him, my sister Katie is 16 years old and is currently a junior at the same high school. My mom and dad mean everything to the three of us and they are pretty much awesome. My mom is a substitute teacher and a stay at home mom, while my dad retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service. He now works for Check Six and loves his job. He will always be a Marine at heart even though he is retired. Along with the two legged beings in my house roams a four legged creature we call Hampton. He is a 5 year old Black lab/Boxer mix dog and we adopted him when we moved to Kansas City the summer of my sophomore year.

In my free time, I really enjoy being active with my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. This coming spring, I want to be apart of the executive council for the chapter being the New Member educator. Not only does this position plan Bid Day and activities for recruitment, but they educate the new members on how important the traditions of Alpha Xi Delta are and what is needed to uphold them.

Another thing I love is soccer. I have played since I could walk and it is something my entire is extremely passionate about. My mom is the soccer mom of all soccer moms. She manages both the girls and boys team at the high school and the McCoy's eat, breath and live soccer.

Do you like to be physically active?

YES! I love to be outside and enjoying what nature has to offer. I love playing sports and would rather be doing something sporty than reading a book honestly. I grew up playing sports so that is the only thing I know. I enjoy group activities simply because it gives me to motivation to complete something. I love knowing I have teammates to back me up and hold me accountable for my actions. High school soccer taught me discipline and self motivation.

When I am at the Rec by myself, I am more apt to give up and just quit because I have no one around me. It is easier to sneak out and just say I did enough even though I know that it wasn't. When it gets hard and I am by myself, I just want to quit because no one likes to hurt. When I am with another person working out, I tend to finish the workout because I don't want to be seen as weak and I want to help the other person strive for their best. I want to show them that they can do it if I can too.

Being a girl and being an athlete is never an easy task. I think that as a girl who plays soccer and played a number of other sports growing up was not as fun as it sounds. Boys always made fun of me and always tore me down because they were better than me....even though they weren't. ;) I have been able to build more confidence in myself because of it but it was never easy being told I could never be as good as one of the boys. I think that it pushed me to be a very hard working person and has allowed me to want everything I have earned. Earning All-State my junior year of high school was the biggest accomplishment especially after the season I had. The boys I went to school with would make fun of the way I ran and would have so many negative things to say that it drove me to work harder than ever.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Physical Health

The physical well being of an individual interests me the most because everyone is very different. We all vary when it comes to the amount of physical activity our bodies can handle. I know I can only handle so much until my body tells me to stop. With the injuries my body has dealt with, I cannot participate in sports like I used to. I have had to learn how to adjust to my abilities and limit myself when I compete and start getting competitive again. The last thing I want is to injure myself in a way that won't allow me to compete or play ever again.

In Health and Movement, I want to learn how to adapt with students who have physical disabilities and aren't able to participate in the active parts of the lesson. I want to know how to help them be active even though they can't do what their peers are doing. I want to teach them that just because they have a limitation, it doesn't mean that they are different. I want them to feel just as apart of the classroom as their peers sitting next to them.

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In this class...

I will be an active listener who will be apart of the activities and lessons given. I am shy at first and won't be the first to answer. When I become comfortable in the environment I will be more apt to opening up and being more confident with my answers. This will allow me to be more active in discussions. I promise to give my full attention while in class even if I am quiet. I want to walk away knowing I learned everything that I was given and that I tried my hardest. I may not be the most talkative but I am willing to work hard and be successful.