Southwest Valley Basketball

By Rylee Jacobs

Why you should be apart of SWV Basketball

Basketball is a very fun sport at Southwest Valley and you learn a lot. You learn a lot of good skills that you need to be a good basketball player.

When practice is/ When games are

Sunday, Oct. 11th 201 at 3:30pm to Saturday, Dec. 31st, 5:30pm

406 East 3rd Street

Villisca, IA

Basketball practice is everyday after school from 3:30 to 5:30. If there is an early dismissal there is usually no practice. Sometimes there are 1-2 games during a week. On games days we dress up or wear our team shirt.

What happens in Practice

Basketball helps you stay in shape. At the beginning of practice we run 10 laps and then just have a shoot around. During practice we doing defensive drills, layup drills, shooting drills, and dribbling (ball-handling) drills. At the end of practice we run 3 zippers or 3 sets.