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November is National Career Development Month!!


  • Middle grades are the most important and most demanding in a student's development and potential for success. The most critical task, we believe, is to continue developing the signature strengths of the students. These strengths, linked to the world of work and values, will serve as "buffering agents" to facilitate children's positive development. Without certain strengths to buffer the negative forces of development, students will not be successful.
  • Similarly, this is the ideal time to introduce students to service learning experiences. Doing some good for someone else, especially if it is associated with careers and career exploration, will enhance one's own self-esteem and positive development. Field trips related to service learning projects with a career influence, no matter how short the duration, can build positive outcomes. Research on middle school students has shown how service learning experiences can build positive strengths (Scales, 1999).
  • Show, by using examples from history, current events etc., how people's careers are inextricably bound to their sense of self-worth and how happy they are in life.