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October 2021, Volume 4, Number 2

Experiential Learning: FHS Students Learn from LYNX Partners In and Out of the Classroom!

LYNX experiences at FHS are in full swing!

August 25, 2021: Chef Park, Founder and CEO of First Chime Chef Prive, launched our first LYNX experience of the year with LYNX Scholars in Chef Baier's Culinary Arts 2 class! Chef Park discussed her unique role as an in-flight chef and her journey as a businesswoman through the challenges of 9/11 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the upcoming LYNX experiences available to FHS students as well as photos from the first few weeks of the 2020-21 school year!

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Eager to explore college and career opportunities? Excited to connect with professionals from local businesses and community organizations? Sign up for LYNX experiences using the October and November LYNX experience calendars, posted in the LYNX Schoology group for students on the Student Resource Choice Board!

Upcoming events:

Oct 1: Careers in Horticulture and Natural Resources - Lilypons Water Gardens (off-campus)

Oct 6: Rita's Italian Ice - Communication & Teamwork (at FHS)

Oct 7: Careers in Manufacturing - EDCO (off-campus experience)

Oct 7: Xplore Series: Education, Business, Fitness & Biotechnology (at FHS)

Oct 8: Careers in Science and Medicines with AstraZeneca (at FHS)

Oct 14: Careers in World Languages and Museum Curation - Part I (at FHS)

Oct 18: Careers in Law Enforcement - Frederick City Training Center (off-campus experience)

Oct 19: Careers in Aviation Part 2 - Pilots, Flight Attendants (at FHS)

Oct 20: Naval Academy Tour (off-campus experience)

Oct 20: Author Visit Book Club (at FHS)

Oct 21: College Application Essay Review Session - Part II (at FHS, seniors only)

Oct 22: Shepherd University Teacher Education Fair (off-campus experience)

Oct 22: Careers in Rehabilitation Science and Physical Therapy (at FHS)

Oct 27: Virtual Author Visit (at FHS)

Oct 28: Investigations in Renewable Energy at BAR-T Ranch (off-campus experience)

Oct 29: Leesburg Aviation Expo (off-campus experience)

Nov 2: Scholarship Meeting (at FHS, 12th graders only)

Nov 3: Careers in Forensic Science (at FHS)

Nov 4: Careers in World Languages and Museum Curation - Part II (off-campus experience)

Nov 5: Careers in Auto Mechanics & Auto Body Repair - Sheehy Ford (off-campus experience)

Nov 8: Careers in Community Theater with Way Off Broadway (at FHS)

Nov 10: Careers in Civil, Structural & Specialty Engineering - ADTEK (at FHS)

Nov 11: Surelocked In Escape Rooms - Using Critical Thinking Skills (off-campus experience)

Nov 12: Towson University Visit (off-campus experience, 11th/12th graders only)

Nov 16: Careers in Photography - Lidia Miller (at FHS)

Nov 17: Careers in Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care (at FHS)

Nov 18: Beyond a Bachelor's Degree: Graduate School FAQs (at FHS)

Nov 19: Visual Arts Career Opportunities - The Delaplaine (off-campus experience)

LYNX Scholars Experience Outdoor Learning Modeled by BAR-T Environmental Educators!

In 2017, BAR-T hosted their first of many outdoor LYNX experiences for FHS students at their Mountainside Ranch. This fall, our LYNX off-campus experiences launched on September 20 at BAR-T with an interactive learning opportunity in which FHS students applied physics and team-building skills to complete group tasks and conquer the high ropes! BAR-T staff modeled the unique role of "environmental educators" and LYNX scholars toured the facility to discuss composting, solar power, and renewable energy.

LYNX Advocate Beth Sands and Ms. Amy Connor, AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science teacher (pictured above right) actively participated as learners!

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The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School Continues LYNX Partnership!

LYNX Scholars returned to The Temple and were inspired by Gary Spellman, Co-Founder of Ultimate Face Cosmetics. Scholars received great advice about starting a company and what it takes to be successful in the beauty industry: "Be in the right place at the right time with the right attitude!"

Students Learn "Soft Skills" to Succeed in the Workplace!

Mr. Yul Holloway of Navy Federal Credit Union (pictured right) speaks with 10th grade students in Ms. Rice's Advocacy class about "The Importance of First Impressions" while Ms. Julie Christiansen of Flying Dog Brewery (pictured below) provides guidance to Ms. Pfeil's 10th grade Advocacy students on how to "come prepared" for a professional meeting. Thanks to all 22 LYNX partners who spoke to students at FHS on this topic in September to kick off our year-long series!

October topic: "Get Involved: Giving Back to Your Community"

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Second Opportunity: Block 5 ACCE 101 for FCC Credit!

FHS students have a 2nd opportunity this fall to earn 1 credit from Frederick Community College by taking ACCE 101 - “College Success Tools” at FHS!

FHS teacher and FCC adjunct professor Mrs. Karine Ptak will offer this 5-week course (9 class sessions) for 1 FCC credit in FHS classroom 214 on Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 2:20-3:40 pm during block 5. Class dates are:

November 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 30

December 2, 7, 9

  • This opportunity is open to FHS students in grades 9-12.

  • There is no cost to the student.

  • Maximum number of students per 5-week session = 20

  • Students may participate in LYNX supper after class from 3:45-4:15 pm.

  • Bus transportation is available at 4:15 pm for enrolled students who are eligible for FCPS bus service.

Interested students should pick up a form from Ms. Moshier, LYNX Secretary in the AP Office.

Registration will close on Friday, October 15. There are only 20 seats available per 5-week session, so seats will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. We anticipate this class will fill quickly, so please turn in your form to Ms. Moshier ASAP.

Questions about the course description below and how to enroll? Please email Mrs. Ptak:

In-Person Learning Lab in the FHS Media Center!

When? Daily from 2:20-3:40 pm

All FHS students have the option to sign up for Learning Lab using the link in the LYNX Schoology Group under "Quick Links":

Students must sign up by 1:15 p.m. on the day they plan to attend.

  • Students must enter the media center by 2:30 pm.
  • LYNX staff will assign seating.
  • Students must work on class assignments or assessments until 3:40 pm.

The media center closes at the 3:40 pm bell.

All students report to the cafeteria for supper and bus service.

Students may sign out before 3:40 pm if they are car riders/walkers.

**The Virtual Learning Lab is also accessible for tutoring from 4:15-5:45 pm Monday - Thursday.

Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) - Google Meet

Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is LIVE via Google Meet from 4:15-5:45 pm Monday - Thursday! VLL provides students with access to teachers and advocates for academic support. Students can find the Virtual Learning Lab under the "Groups" tab in Schoology.

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can log in to the Virtual Learning Lab using the Google Meet link to access academic support. Support for Special Education students and English Learners is available. Students can also meet with a LYNX Advocate during this time!

Questions about LYNX? Email:

Follow us on Social Media! @LYNXFHS

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