City Girl Looking for New Spot!

$700-$1K | 24/F with happy pup looking for a room!

The Situation

Finding a home here can be one of the hardest things to go through here in the city. We all know the struggle is real. Have a room opening up? Know of someone who does?

I'm a 24 year old female trying to stay in the beautiful city of San Francisco as long as I live!

As of now, I'm looking for a place to call home, and I've got my deposit money ready.

I'd like to spend somewhere between $700-1000/month for my own bedroom including utilities, and I'm willing to pay extra for my happy-go-lucky pup to tag along. (more details down below!)

Location wise, I'm looking for a place with an easy commute route into the Marina District near Fort Mason. Routes that stop near my work include the 28, 28L, 49, and the 30.

I'm looking for a spot with 1-3 others. Whether you are a focused student, soon-to-be/recent college grad or a young 20-something professional , I'm open to that! I've also lived with both male and female housemates. I just want to move into a place where everyone treats it like a home ...not a frat house. (Been there, done that.)

Hi there, I'm Miko! :)

I have been working with the National Park Service since 2013 and now have a permanent full-time position. My usual schedule is Monday-Friday from 8 to 5.

I love the National Parks, both inside and outside of work and if you ever need some advice on fun trails/outdoor adventures in SF, I'm your girl to ask. I also enjoy attending shows and occasionally go to music festivals! In my downtime at home you'll find my binge-watching on hulu/netflix, or making some crafty idea I found on pinterest. So need not worry, I'm pretty out of the way, unless we're hanging out of course! :)

I'm a very friendly and respectful housemate. I know to keep shared spaces clean, and I do all my dishes right after using them.

I don't smoke cigarettes, but also don't mind if you do or if you're 420 friendly.

I'm okay with friends coming over for food/drinks, as long as they keep it together or don't steal our stuff. I clean up after any of my guests, and expect the same vice versa.

To contact me, I prefer text or email before phone calls.

Also, if you'd like, feel free to include your FB or Instagram, so I know you're actually real person (no stalkers/scammers please!)

The Doggy Deets

If you are dog-friendly, but don't want to commit to getting one, you should paws-itively pick us!

I take full responsibility for him, and I'm willing to pay extra $$/month for him to tag along. When I'm not home, he stays in my room, with a dog-gate and the door open. I'm more than willing to write out any agreements and guidelines to assure the two of us can live harmoniously in our household.

Yoshi is my happy-go-lucky miniature poodle mixed companion. He's a small-medium dog sitting at 15lbs, and fits in my big bags.

He is an emotional support dog (no really, I swear) and have the letter prescribing the need of his presence. I have been so happy since he's been in my life.

Here's some reason's you won't mind having him around...

  • He's potty-trained and never makes mistakes in the house. (YAY, no pee smells or surprises!)
  • He's well behaved. You won't find him tearing up any furniture or any personal items.
  • He's harmless. Yoshi has never bitten someone and isn't aggressive
  • He plays a good game of fetch with his plushies. You'll never be bored again!

Thanks again! :)