Saving Energy


Our Budget

Our Budget Is $30,000

An Energy Source That Will Help Save Our School From Sky Rocket Bills!

Solar Panels is a panel designed to take the sun's rays and transfer them to heat and electricity. For example lighting up the school or heating our school. Solar panels do not produce pollution. 20 solar panels can produce a lot of energy. It is also affordable in our budget. Some panels are noise pollution free and the panels that we are going to get are going to be noise pollution free. So the learners can have a peaceful environment.

Maintaining The Plan

The custodians can't do this job because there is people who do these kind of specific jobs like putting solar panels onto our roofs. The electricity company who installed the lights in this school will have to put the solar panels up. i have actually contacted the principal and assistant principal and none of them know. Since they don't know, i have researched who would be good for installing the solar panels. I have found a company called AZTEC Renewable Energy, Inc. They do it for home and schools. They have licences for installing solar panels. Yes you need approval from the district and the school itself. We would have to contact the principal, she would have to share it in her meeting and everybody has to agree to this idea before it can reach to installing. So there is a big process to go through before installing. I think it is best to have insurance because if anything goes wrong, then insurance could take care of it. The insurance that i though would be good would be State Farm or Farmers. They will provide you with all of the categories, but i think one of the categories on the State Farm website will be helpful for us is property and school/home. For Farmers, i think that it should be business because on the website it showed that it could also be school too. The company that i thought that could install it does not say anything about giving us insurance and it said to contact them of any questions. So the insurance companies that i listed are for back up.

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Cost For Solar Panels

The cost for each kilowatt in a solar panel is going to cost $7 each. We are going to do 80 kilowatts for each solar panel. We are estimating around 20 solar panels on the roof. For one solar panel, it will cost us $1,346. The company that we will buy it is Solar City. The total cost with tax is $25,320.

Good Energy Source

It is very beneficial for the school and us. It is also a reasonable price money wise. It will help reduce the electricity and heating bill. Solar panels can actually provide education. They can learn how the panels transfers the sun's light to energy. It is also a good environmental cause to reduce pollution. It is also eco-friendly.
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