Getting Started with WeVideo

Free Video Making Tool

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Step #1: Collect Media for Video

  • Search for images and videos which apply to your topic.
  • Search for images via Google and right click on them. Choose “Save as” and save them to your flash drive. Put them in a folder so you can find them later easily.

Step #2: Fill in the StoryBoard Template

  • Label the template with the images you collected in the order you want them to appear in the video.
  • Add titles/captions you want to appear on the images, or leave blank, where appropriate.
  • Write in your narration for each image.
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Step 6: Choose an Editing Mode and Begin Editing!

  • Storyboard: most basic editing mode. You can simply drop media files into their places and then add the theme, and music. You cannot narrate in this mode (must use Timeline mode).
  • Timeline (S): slightly more advanced editing mode. You can trim media clips and each media (video, audio, or images) is broken up on the timeline for easier viewing. You can narrate directly into the timeline AND you can add a music soundtrack.
  • Upload your media (images, video, and audio) and click and drag them to the timeline.
  • Add titles to your images, where appropriate.
  • Choose a Theme, which will add pre-designed title slides, transitions and music to your video project.
  • Add narration/voiceover directly into the timeline by clicking the microphone button.
  • Add background music from WeVideo or upload your own mp3 music.
  • When your project is perfect and ready to be shared, click on the Publish button on the top of the page.
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