Mrs. Miller's Third Grade Class


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Specials for April 27-May 1

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music


We will be MAP Testing the following days...

Monday, April 27, Crazy Socks Day

Friday, May 1, Royal's Wear Day

Tuesday, May 5, Hat Day

Banana Split Party!

Classrom Party Sign Ups!

Zoo Project

Halloween Party!

Celebrating Consitution Day!

Class Symbaloo

We have created a class Symbaloo page. This is where you can find websites our class uses frequently for learning. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. This page will continue to be updated.

Reader's Workshop

Students are working on questioning, inferring and synthesizing while reading.

Finding Non-Fiction Text Features

Word Work

I'm sure you have seen your child's word work come home (at least, I hope you have). At the beginning of each week, your child will bring a copy of their word sort home. The activity sheet was also sent home, so you can help them practice. At the end of each week, your child will bring home the sort they have at school along with any activities they completed. After a few weeks, they will be taking an assessment over similar words having to do with the patterns they have been working on.

Writer's Workshop

Students are working on publishing their information texts.

Math Workshop

We have started working with fractions. Ask your child what the numerator and denominator mean.

Reviewing math concepts with centers

Representing Numbers

Students were asked to represent the number 1,274 with place value blocks. I was so impressed with how they immediately started to work together to combine their blocks to represent the number.

Social Studies

Students are working hard on their Native American projects. We will be creating their artifacts on Monday and Tuesday.


We are identifying the different parts of the water cycle.

Plant parts

Scientists at work!

First Day Fun! Getting to know you M&M activity