|| Larry Tesler ||

|| Computer Scientest and inventor of Copy and Paste ||

What lines of codes look like.

It may look easy but it's not to new people.

Larry is at a conference showing off his new desgin

Five interesting facts about Larry Tesler

  • Larry is the person that invented copy and paste.
  • Larry worked at Apple, Xexrox PARC, Amazon, and Yahoo.
  • Larry grew up in New York City then graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1961. Then he went to Stanford University and he mastered computer science.
  • 1985 Larry Tesler programmed a new language form using a language called Pascal and added an extension to it called, Object Pascal.
  • He was the Yahoo vice-president in 2005 of Yahoo!'s user Experience and Design group.
John Warnock, Larry Tesler and Adele Goldberg Xerox PARC
Larry Tesler's Website

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