Pleasant Valley School

September 2023 Newsletter

News from Miss Sheets

Welcome Back! I’m so excited to have our students return this year, and over the summer, we added 2 new families! Our current enrollment for the year includes: 3 Jr. Kindergarten, 1 First grader, 3 Second graders, 1 Third grader, and 1 Sixth grader. We are off to a great start and settling into our class routines. I’m excited for all the new things that we will be learning this year!

Calendar: All scheduled events are posted to the google calendar. Yes, the calendar is a little blank, that is due to our simplified calendar. However we do have two event coming up in October to mark your calendars. I have them listed a little later in the newsletter, so keep reading!

Planners, Homework Folders, Red Reading Logs, and Reward System

Please check your students planner and folder every night. I will be using them as a communication area for homework or other information that I need to let parents know about. Please feel free to leave me comments as well.

Great job remembering RED Reading Logs. 1st and 2nd grade, please make sure you're also sending the Decodable Book sign off sheet as well. Your students would love to add their sticker after they have read to me, but can't without having their sheet with them.

Our behavior system this year is working on being a role model for others. If we catch them doing the right thing without being asked, then they get a little recognition with a punch card. When the card is full, they get to visit the treasure box. We also have "Brag Tags" that the students are trying to earn. These are little cards that they will bring home and share with you the awesome thing that they did at school.

During the first week of school, I asked them what consequence they should have for not following the rules at school. They all agreed that they should miss recess, and some even said all their recesses. I told them that was a little harsh and we could spend a few minutes with the teacher during recess to think about how they can do better and follow the rules next time. My focus, however, is to have them run off some of their energy, so they don't continue to get in trouble.

Book Orders

Our first set of Scholastic Book Club fliers have arrived. If you would like to order books, orders are due by September 28th. I will be finalizing orders on the 29th. New families: Our class code is LC2V8.

Looking Back - Back to School

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School Events

Oct. 12 - Pumpkin Patch and Hockaday Museum

This is an all day field trip for 1st - 6th grade. Jr. K will just be attending the Pumpkin Patch portion from 8-12. Look for permission slips coming home the beginning of October.

Oct. 14 - Fall Harvest Festival: Noon - 3 pm

No costumes this year. We will have a BBQ lunch with family games and activities. Please RSVP for lunch through the Google Form link below.
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What Are We Learning?

Jr. Kindergarten


  • Introduction to number 1-4
  • Shapes: oval, triangle, square, and rectangle


  • Introduction to letters: Bb, Aa, Tt, Pp
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow


Physical Science

  • Size and Shape
  • Where is It?
  • Water and Ice
  • Where Can Puddles Be?

Social Studies

Unit 1 - Map Skills

  • What is a map?
  • Looking at a Map
  • Describing Places on a Map
  • Directions on a Map


In beginner music, we are meeting the low middle C bell and learning about long and short notes. In art, we are working on line.

1st Grade


Unit 1 - Numbers Within 10

Addition and Subtraction

Reading - 9/25 Starts Week 4

UNIT 1 THEME: My Neighborhood

  • Essential Question: What is a neighborhood?
  • Reading Workshop: Know about different types of fiction and understand their elements.
  • Phonics: Reviewing alphabet sounds
  • High Frequency Words: Week 1) a, I, is, his, see; Week 2) we, like, the, one, do; Week 3) look, you, was, by, are; Week 4) have, they, that two, up; Week 5) he, as, to, with, three; Week 6) where, here, for, me, go


Topic 1 - Sound

What happens when objects vibrate?

Social Studies

Topic 1 - Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Big Question: Who is responsible for making and enforcing rules?


In beginner music, we are meeting the low middle C bell and learning about long and short notes. In art, we are working on line.

2nd Grade


Unit 1 - Numbers Within 20

Addition, Subtraction, and Data

Reading - 9/25 Starts Week 4

Finishing - UNIT 1 THEME: You are Here

  • Essential Question: How do different places affect us?
  • Reading Workshop: Read realistic fiction and understand its elements.
  • Phonics: Long and Short Vowels; Consonant Blends; Digraphs and Trigraphs: ch, sh, wh, th, ph, tch; Endings: -s, -es, -ed, -ing; r-controlled vowels: ar, or, ore, oar
  • High Frequency Words: Week 1) which, each, than; Week 2) called, long, most; Week 3) more, things, sound; Week 4) great, before, means; Week 5) follow, form, show; Week 6) also, large, small


Finishing - Topic 1 - Properties of Matter

Essential Question: How can different materials be used?

Social Studies

Topic 1 - Families Today and in the Past

Big Question: How does life change throughout history?


In intermediate music, we are reviewing the C Major scale, hand signs, and simple songs that we learned last year as we transition from bells to xylophones. In art, we are working on line.

3rd Grade


Unit 1: Three-Digit Numbers

Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction

Reading - 9/25 Starts Week 4

Finishing - UNIT 1 THEME: Environments

  • Essential Question: How does our environment affect us?
  • Reading Workshop: Know about different types of traditional tales and understand their elements.
  • Trade Book - Starts in Unit 2
  • Unit Academic Vocabulary Words: competition, solve, custom, occasion, organization
  • Words of the Week: Week 1) fierce, baring, flexing, crouching, swipe; Week 2) preparations, magnificent, brooded, rejoicing, satisfied; Week 3) dreams, amazing, bored, discovery, proud; Week 4) shield, lack, exposure, nomadic, landscape; Week 5) pouch, globe, murmuring, mountainside, footpath
  • Word Study: Week 1)Words with VC/CV; Week 2) Inflected Endings; Week 3) Base Words with added endings, Week 4) Vowel Digraphs ee, ea, ai, ay, ow, oa; Week 5) Diphthongs ou, ow, oi, oy
  • Week 6 Project: Write a letter about park safety.


Topic 1 - Motion and Forces

Essential Question: How do forces on an object affect its motion?

Social Studies

Topic 1 - Our Environment

Essential Question: How do people interact with our planet?


In intermediate music, we are reviewing the C Major scale, hand signs, and simple songs that we learned last year as we transition from bells to xylophones. In art, we are working on line.

6TH Grade


Unit 1 - Expressions and Equations

Area, Algebraic Expressions, and Exponents


UNIT 1 THEME: Childhood

Essential Question: What are some of the challenges and triumphs of growing up?

Trade Book: Bud, Not Buddy - Due Oct. 26 - Updated date due to schedule change.

Writing: Nonfiction Narrative - When did a challenge lead to a triumph?

Science - Middle School Course 1

Topic 1 - Introduction to Matter

Essential Question: How can we observe, measure, and use matter?

Social Studies - Middle School American History

Topic 10: Industrial and Economic Growth (1865-1914)

Essential Question: How did America's economy, industries, and population grow after the Civil War?

Topic 12: Imperialism and World War I (1853-1919)

Essential Question: What is America's Role in the World?


In music, we have started working through our lesson book. We are working on playing notes in tune with the tuner. In art, we are learning about different types of lines and how those lines make our drawings more realistic..