British Army

Conditions of service

Basic salary

you get £35.04 for a full day, but this rises to £43.54 when you finish basic training. And if you’re a graduate officer cadet, you’ll get £62.07 a day. £22655.55 a year.

Salary Progression

£8.50 a day once you have finished basic training, could be £18.53 extra on top if your a craduate officer.

Working Hours & Shift Patterns

When soldiers aren’t on exercises or operations, they work regular hours. A working day can start at around eight in the morning and finishes around five or half past. There’s normally an hour for lunch.

Holiday entitlement

The Regular Army offers 38 days of paid leave each year. When you’re on operations you’ll be flown back to the UK for two weeks’ leave mid-tour, and get more leave when your tour ends.


Go to different areas. Go across seas, you could move away from your hometown, you could go to any country around the world.

Basic Training period

It takes 20-26 weeks to do basic training

Additional training required

It does depend on what you have to do, for an infantry solider it will take a couple for weeks, 5-8 extra weeks

Fringe Benefits

they are things such as health, medical and life insurence.

Retirment age

Age for a militry solider is 32 but it can very depending on what job you are doing

Pension Benefits

There are pention schemes depending on what job you are doing and your role and rank